November 16, 2021

Krishan Arora on Building a Bridge That Benefits Both Investors and Company Founders

Krishan Arora on Building a Bridge That Benefits Both Investors and Company Founders

Every person has a different idea of what financial freedom means, but most of us can agree we’d like to have more control over our finances. According to Krishan Arora, equity crowdfunding might just be the answer by offering a simple way for anyone to achieve their financial goals while helping world-changing startups succeed.

Krishan founded Arora Project to connect investors with the high-growth companies they’d like to see more of in the world after noticing two trends:  First, startups struggle to raise capital because they hold on to outdated ideas of raising capital. Second, many people have abandoned the idea of building an investment portfolio because they see it as unattainable.

Equity crowdfunding offers a solution to both of these problems. As individuals invest in startups, they have potential to receive a return on their investment if the company does well.  “The more we can diversify our own revenue streams, the more confident we can feel about our situations,” Krishan says. “What I love about what we do is that we empower people and businesses to find new ways to raise money and to break down the old methodology surrounding investments and funding.”

There are many platforms to equity crowdfund on, but a startup’s success is only as good as its campaign. Startups that work with Arora Project have the expertise of the digital media marketing team to develop a cohesive strategy designed to meet each campaign’s funding goal. “We deliver a service unlike anything else out there. It’s specifically designed to get these campaigns in front of as many eyes as possible,” says Krishan Arora. This means their campaigns speak to both experienced and brand new investors for maximum client ROI.

More people than ever are looking to diversify their revenue streams and find passive sources of income by investing in startups who might not have otherwise made it. At the center of this symbiotic relationship is Krishan and his team at Arora Project, expertly connecting the investor and the founder to grow wealth and change the world for all involved.