Heaven certainly rejoiced on this special day, as God approved your safe delivery and successful arrival to this planet earth.

Indeed, you have never disappointed for once. Your energy and vibrancy touches anyone who crosses your path. Everyone has a sweet story to tell about you and they are today better for knowing you and are truly thankful for you being a part of their lives.

As often as ever, your presence continue to radiate hope to the hopeless. Even when things get too difficult for you or others, she sees light at the end of the tunnel. She has won many battles and now it’s ripe time to reap your rewards. Today, just relax and enjoy the fruit of your labour because you deserve it.

You are an exemplary mother and teacher, who possesses all the attributes of honesty, thoughtfulness, love, faithfulness, integrity, gentleness, purity, and devotion.

For the tremendous love and support that you have bestowed on family members, friends and staff, your Creator must have been proud of you.

Having put smiles on the faces of the downtrodden, may your voyage through life be as happy and free as the dancing waves of the deep blue sea, and may you ride the crest of these waves the rest of your days.

May you have the hindsight to dwell only on the best moments, the foresight to live in the moment and the insight to see beauty in every moment.

Today we celebrate a business guru who is always dedicated to her work with a heart full of joy we say Happy birthday Acharaugo 1, happy birthday Eziada, may you continue to shine for many more years to come.


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