How Iya Funmi died in Mushin gas explosion after displacement from former ‘puff puff’ stand
The scene of the gas explosion.

By Esther Onyegbula, LAGOS

Emotions have continued to run high following the death of Iya Funmi in Tuesday’s gas explosion on Ojekunle Street, off Ladipo Street, in the Mushin area of Lagos State.

Iya Funmi was among the five that were recovered dead. But her case evoked deeper emotions among survivors and people who knew her.

The mother of two young children, Funmi and Emma, had moved her ‘puff-puff’ frying business to the location when her former business spot was sold and she was asked to leave.


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The explosion

On Tuesday, November 16, she resumed at her sales spot to begin the business of the day.

However, one Sodiq, a gas retailer, was dispensing gas into another cylinder for a customer, one of the many panel beaters in the area.

The customer then received a call, and “boom”, the explosion occurred.

When the dust settled, the business area had turned a rubble of bricks, metals, wood, cars’ carcasses and dismembered human parts.

Iya Funmi was among the dead.

‘She didn’t deserve to die’

Busola, an eyewitness, said Iya Funmi got the sales spot few months ago and that she was a hardworking woman that fate should have spared.

“If death was a fair judge, it would have spared Iya Funmi. This woman suffered.

“She first had a sales stand at Yusuf. The building was sold off and she had to move to this new place,” Busola lamented.

A vendor, who hawks soft drinks, said: “These people are trying to eke out a living. I can’t believe they are gone.

“What pained me most is the fact that Iya Funmi, who sells buns at the site, had struggled so much.

“She had suffered a lot trying to raise her children, Funmi and Emmanuel. I can’t believe she is gone.

“She died suffering, without eating the fruits of her labour. Who will take care of her children?”

Meanwhile, the Senate has began a probe into the explosion. Read it HERE.

Hopefully, they will look the way of Funmi and Emma.

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