Kikelomo Oguntade

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree from Babcock University and a Masters from Northumbria University, Kikelomo Oguntade could have been anything she chose to be but the allure of acting was irresistible to her. She decided to follow her heart and ever since has been on the road to quench the thirst of her passion.

She is both an actress and a producer. As a producer she has produced the following movies, namely; End Point, Mirage, Night Bride, Asayan (Choices), The Visitor, Olopa Olorun and most recently, This Is Us. In this interview with Potpourri she lets us into her world

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I chose to be an actor because It’s a way of expressing myself more and also to learn about emotions, feelings and movements. I can be anybody I want to be with acting. Also the feeling of having to feel how other people feel is great to me. Acting can be really tough but it’s a passion for me so I found it easy. 


Sometimes, I imagine myself being a career person, I know I would have gone far because I’m a person that gives 100% to whatever I do . Being an actor is not an easy task, I got a job as a marketing manager when I finished my Masters but because of my passion for acting I decided to relocate to Nigeria and give it full time. I’m not where I want to be but I know I’ll get there and even pass it.

Unforgettable memories

My unforgettable memory as a woman was when I had my baby and as actress was when I did my first movie and also when people started noticing me in the industry. 

Women flaunting sexuality on social media

I believe we are adults and old enough to be responsible for our actions! Before you decide to want to flaunt your sexuality then it means you can take what’s come from it.

Attraction to opposite sex

For me, it’s the vibe I get from the person and yes I have made the first move before. It started like this: We were friends before but didn’t see each other for a longtime, so after we met again the mutual vibes kept us going and all of a sudden I found myself liking him but didn’t say a word to him so I used the girl magic on him and he’s found himself not wanting to do without me. 

Love or money

Well, I’ll say love. Although money has an impact on love but love can keep you guys going for as long as you fancy each other but money can’t, when money finishes then everything dies. 

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