November 6, 2021

For Nick Luevano, You Need A Passion For Growth In All Areas Of Life

When we get tunnel vision on any one part of our lives, other areas suffer. This is why Nick Luevano’s passion for growth extends to all areas of his life. While he is relentless in growing his real estate investment business, he also believes in being sound in all areas of life.

When Nick discovered the endless possibilities in real estate investing, he put all his sales and relationship-building skills to the test. He closed his first deal for $90,000 and never looked back. Nick is passionate about what he does. He wants to get his clients the results they are looking for while breaking through barriers and helping them achieve their highest potential.

But building a multi-million dollar business from nothing doesn’t come without sacrifice. It has involved long hours, working weekends, and missing social events. But today, Nick is known for challenging the status quo and globally catapulting the Millennial Movement of entrepreneurs.

With the cost of sacrifice, Nick also believes in creating balance in his life to achieve the growth he desires. His real estate company has over 5,000 customers within 25 states and over 15 countries worldwide. He’s closed over 500 deals in the last 5 years, bringing him to the top 1% of his company. Only through focusing on balance has he achieved the level of success he has today.

“I believe in being sound in all areas – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. So I make sure I have all of those things in check by eating right, going to the gym, letting go of unnecessary or momentary emotions, reading to grow my mind and going to church and having an active prayer life,” says Nick Luevano.

Nick founded his education program, Millennial Flippers, to help aspiring real estate entrepreneurs grow from beginner to expert through coaching and mentorship. Through his program, Nick teaches people to leverage their passions to create generational wealth. Nick has used his earnings from real estate to invest in small businesses, currently holding ownership in seven different companies.

Nick’s hard work has paid off as he has seen some of his proudest moments. He’s graduated college, closed his first real estate deal, bought his dream car, and seen his mom retire. “Now I have the time and financial freedom to give back to those less fortunate, spend with my family and friends, and invest into my students to ensure that they have similar success,” says Nick Luevano.