Royal rumblings as Udu leaders spoil for war with monarch

By Chancel Sunday

Elder statesman and leader of Ijaw for Governor 2023 Campaign Team, Alaowei Broderick Bozimo, has rebuked a viral online report which quoted him to have said that Ijaw were preparing the grounds for 2031 in their bid to produce governor of the state.

Bozimo, who reacted to the report Monday in Warri, which was posted by Cherryl Media, said the said report would not be unconnected to the handiwork of those who do not wish his group well.

He said: “Straightaway, it’s a lie from the pit of hell. You know me, I’m an Ijaw man and I’m just like my title, ‘akan’ (bitter kola), which speaks one voice, it doesn’t speak from both sides of the mouth.

“I don’t want to go into saying where I think all this is coming from, but it must be the handiwork of those who do not wish us well, and there was no such statement I made in Vanguard Newspaper as alleged.

Clearly, the opposition is rattled by the impressive outings of our group of recent; the grounds we have covered in our campaigns in the past few months are earthshaking and the impact is too much on them and they want to play some dirty games.

“How can I be campaigning for 2031 when I don’t know at my age whether or not I will be alive then? What kind of story is that? It’s a cock and bull story and nobody can buy into it.

“Right now, Delta Ijaw for governor 2023 we stand, no shaking and we’ve already had aspirants lined up for the contest and by the special grace of God we will win”.

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