November 15, 2021

David Weisburd sheds light on how venture capital can boost a new venture exponentially

David Weisburd sheds light on how venture capital can boost a new venture exponentially

Anyone starting a new business faces the same problem: figuring out how to raise its first funding. In fact, many new business ideas never gain traction because they can’t secure enough financing.

As someone with firsthand experience, David Weisburd understands the struggles facing startups, as Head of Venture Capital at 10X Capital. He sheds light on how venture capital can hep new ventures flourish.

Venture capital funding is an way for companies with high growth potential to raise the money needed to fund their ventures.  Venture capitalists, in return, gain a stake in these fledgling ventures.. As a former startup founder of RoomHunt and iSocket, David understands the problems that founders face when starting a company.

That’s why he heads the Venture Capital team at 10X Capital, a venture capital firm with a portfolio of more than 16 “unicorn companies” (privately held startups with massively high growth), including Wish, Robinhood, Udemy, and 23andMe.

David Weisburd and his partners Founder & CEO Hans Thomas, Data & Analytics Guhan Kandasamy, and Investor Relations Colby Billhardt are helping the next generation of technology startups achieve scale and liquidity in their business. “I saw the difficulties of running a startup so I wanted to give back and help entrepreneurs grow their own business,” says David Weisburd.

David says that the most difficult part of founding a company is recruiting a team before you have achieved product market fit. That’s why you need to be very resilient. Each milestone you achieve unlocks new value for the company, but you should expect to be knocked down many times along your journey. “Many things are unknown when you start a business but there is only one certainty, and that is that starting a company is an exercise in organized chaos,” says David Weisburd.

For David and his team, helping businesses succeed is part of who they are. The team is dedicated to giving startup companies with high potential the resources needed to grow into world-class companies.