Archbishop Sam Zuga who is the First Professor Of Digital Economy in the world has assured Nigerians and Africans at large of the immense importance of Zugacoin Crypocurrency.

The Cleric also known as Jehovah’s Field Marshall stated that Zugacoin which he founded in 2020 is not just a currency but a multipurpose tool to solve thousands of financial problems in the world.

In regards to the fallen Nigerian economy that has led to the government constantly borrowing from other countries, the Philanthropic Cleric avowed that the glory of Nigeria and Africa will be recovered by ZUGACOIN and the rising debts of Nigeria and Africa will be cleared by ZUGACOIN.

In a detailed information, Archbishop Sam Zuga wrote this on his Facebook page: “ZUGACOIN IS A SOLUTION TSUNAMI

When you hear of Samzuga, don’t reduce it to a Cryptocurrency. Samzuga is not only an individual who founded ZUGACOIN but an Institution. You can do your research and know what is an institution please.

ZUGACOIN is a multipurpose tool. It is an unavoidable force that everyone must reckon with, especially in Africa.  It is an authority in the digital world that cannot be resisted. It is a titanic power that you can’t contend with. ZUGACOIN is not in competition with any other Cryptocurrency but rather in charge to redirect and redifine cryptocurrency.

Think of solution anytime you hear of Samzuga and ZUGACOIN. Have the picture of something greater than Google in your mind when discussing about ZUGACOIN. 

The glory of Nigeria and Africa will be recovered by ZUGACOIN, the rising debts of Nigeria and Africa will be cleared by ZUGACOIN.

Unemployed youth’s will be evacuated from the streets of Nigeria and Africa. A farmer in the village will begin to smile as well as business man in the city. A civil servant will not remember the day there are paying salary, as a pensioner will donate his or her pension to charity. A student will look at school as a game but not a task anymore because the stress will be taken away by ZUGACOIN.

Celebrate and embrace ZUGACOIN, the Lion of Africa.

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