By Gabriel Olawale

In a bid to boost the morale of a member of the Spangler Market, the organizers have raised over N400,000 to encourage his consistency as an entrepreneur.

The mentioned amount was raised by the followers of Spangler Market to purchase shoe making equipment for a follower, identified as Vincent Williams Ikechukwu.

In an interview with the CEO of Spangler Integrated Services, Purity Abhulimhen, she revealed that the motive behind the mission is to encourage entrepreneurs like Mr Vincent within the community to pursue commitment and consistency.

She praised him for providing quality service, despite limitations in equipment available.

She said, “We selected him because of his consistency and focus, being a member of our group. We raised about #413,000 which I increased to #500000 to buy all what he listed as urgent needs.”

Ms Purity also hinted at her plan to come up with a project very soon where she can provide financial support for members of the followers community in batches.

Speaking with Mr Vincent, he revealed the struggles he often goes through to carry out his work well. He also said that he is excited at the new change because he’ll be able to make better productions now, compared to the past where he had to “use household stuff like a stove to help complete the shoe-making process.”

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