October 13, 2021

Smile and Snap! itel S17’s Smile Selfie Feature is out of this world

Smile and Snap! itel S17’s Smile Selfie Feature is out of this world

Different things will always try to get on your nerves. It could be work, it could be your hustle, or even other hassles, but with itel S17’s smile selfie feature, it is so easy to stay positive and share your happy moments without lifting a finger. Let us show you how!

Capture Your Smile With itel S17 Smile Selfie Camera

We all know that smiles can be a soothing balm to the soul. A smile from a loved one can give you the boldness to try again, make you feel better about yourself or even set the tone for your whole day. And because itel understands how precious smiles are, capturing them with itel S17’s AI-powered Smile Selfie camera is the next best thing to do.

The itel S17 comes with an 8MP front camera that records all the details of your photo without leaving anything out. Once you focus and smile at the camera, voila! You have a smile selfie without the added stress of tapping on the camera button. The goal is to capture all your treasured memories and itel S17’s selfie camera does that for you effortlessly. So just smile and snap!

AI Face Beauty 4.0 For More Beautiful and Natural Photos

itel S17 comes with a 5-level beauty mode which you can use to customize your beauty needs. It also helps you look natural and avoids fake skin tones caused by excessive use of beauty filters by normal cameras.

This beauty mode identifies your facial details, skin tone and lighting environment to beautify your photos just the way you like them. Once you open the itel S17 selfie camera, tap on photo, and choose the beauty level you like.

Newly Revamped Portrait Mode

The Portrait Mode of itel S17 takes your selfies to the next level and gives your selfie an artistic effect, just like a close-up in a movie. The portrait edges are more natural, background details are blurred, and you can be the star of your photo as all focus will be on you. You can also record 10 seconds videos with the Short Video Mode feature on itel S17, which you can share directly on social media with just the tap of a button. This feature also helps you save on your internet data, itel S17 is also equipped with 5 selfie filters and 18 AR stickers. With these, taking selfies becomes much more interesting and interactive. Not just that, your photos are also more artistic and stylized just the way you want them.

With its advanced smile selfie feature that is just out of this world, itel S17 is the smartphone for those who love good things and want to enjoy them comfortably. itel S17 goes for N41,500 for a unit. So, ensure you get yours at the nearest itel authorized phone dealer store near you nationwide.