Sit-up, Buhari tells his ministers

By Chris Ochayi

Association of Local Government Vice Chairmen of Nigeria, ALGOVC, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to ask all his appointees from the South East to relocate home to dialogue with people of the zone to avert the current security situation from degenerating into full blown anarchy.

 The ALGOVC, which describe the state of killings and wanton destruction of properties ongoing as strange to the region, said, it was unbelievable that the South East which is predominantly Christians could witness this scope of pogrom. 

Speaking with Vanguard in an interview in Abuja, the National Chairman of the association, Hon. Lawrence Onuchukwu, warned that the unfortunate incidents ongoing in the region must be put under control forthwith.

Hon. Onuchukwu lamented that what is happening in the South East today was aberration because that is not part of the culture and tradition of the people of the zone, while also calling for holistic efforts among the political class, clergy men and traditional rulers to join hands to nip in bud the ugly trend.

Besides just a simple challenge in the recent Well, thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to Nigerians on the award on the particularly div on the south east through this medium. What is happening in the East is very, very unfortunate, it is not known to our people.

“But unfortunately, it has come. And for us, whom God has given the privilege to be leaders, we will not have any choice but to keep talking to our people by letting them to know that if there is no peace in any region, there will be no developments.

“Because those who are clamoring for 2023, it is only when somebody is alive that you will talk of presidency or power shift. So, I am using this medium to talk to our people, what is happening in the East is not known to Eastern people who are dominantly Christians.

“Political power or whatever it is, it is something that you can always come to the roundtable and negotiate and lobby because even in a war-torn country, issues are being resolved and discussed at roundtable. So why go to war before coming back to a roundtable to discuss.

“But there are two things that are happening in Nigeria generally. And I have in aired my mind and I have aired my view everywhere. They difference between criminality and ideology. An ideology is not something you can stop with the power of gun and arrow. Ideology you stop it by talking to the People, government need to do more.

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“Those ministers who come from that part of the country should do more. Our governors should do more. Our leaders at all level both clergy men and women should do more. Because if you don’t talk to somebody, the person may not understand your plans.

“We need to talk to our people, to discuss with our people I was discussing with a senior citizen a few days ago. And I told him on pointblank, Look whether we like it or not in the Southern East of Nigeria today, the center can no longer hold.

“What I mean by this is that the governors who are our leaders that we elect to represent us as the government can no longer give orders that people will take and obey. What it simply means is that the system has failed.

“But I don’t want to use the word that the system has failed but the truth of the matter remains that the centre can no longer hold. When government would give directive people will not obey. But when some other people give directive people will obey.

“It is it simply means that there is a clear demarcation between the leaders and the people. The people are no longer with their leaders; the leaders are no longer in control of their people.

“Because what leadership means is that a word of a leader is a command, when a leader speaks, people should hear people should follow. Situations where a leader will say, stay here and the people say no, it means something is wrong somewhere.”

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