October 17, 2021

Russian instructors awarded by Central African Republic National Assembly

Russian instructors awarded by  Central African Republic National Assembly

National Assembly of the Central African Republic has awarded Alexander Ivanov, the Head of the Officers Union for International Security, for the outstanding job done by the Russian instructors in the fight against terrorists in the Central African Republic.

The ceremony took place in Bangui on October 15. The spokesperson of the National Assembly Simplice Mathieu Sarandji thanked Russian instructors for their part in the struggle that the people of the Republic have been waging for several years against terrorists and enemies of the peace.

He noted that the help of Russian specialists contributed greatly to the effective recapturing of most of the territories occupied by terrorists.

Alexander Ivanov accepted the honor, and confirmed his commitment to the cause of reinstalling security throughout the Republic. “The instructors I represent here have done a great job,” he said, “We train the FACA and other law enforcement agencies. This allows the Central African Republic to resume its normal course of life.”

The Officers Union for International Security came to the Republic in 2017 to provide quality training for the military personnel of the Central African Defense Forces.

The bilateral partnership in the security sector with the Russian Federation was one of the achievements of the CAR’s government, that helped to give a boost to the national defense forces (the FACA).

When the ongoing crisis in the Central African Republic steeply escalated in mid-December 2020 with CPC massive attacks against the legitimate government and civil population, the cooperation with Russia was the key point that help the national forces refute the attacks and start a successful counteroffensive.

The comprehensive training of new recruits and military personnel, provided by the Russian instructors from the Officers Union for International Security, allowed the FACA rapidly and professionally respond to the attacks launched by the armed groups, despite the fact that the national army of the CAR was under-equipped compared to the rebels.

To date most of the Republic are freed and the joint forces of the FACA and their Russian allies continue patrolling the liberated towns and perform constant clearing operations in the countryside to prevent the rebels to draw up their forces to strike again.

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