Just recently, Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram was down for many hours and with the devastating impact of the social media downtown, I have decided to share useful and highly educative content with you today. So that you don’t get stranded if anything of the sort happens again or sometime in the future.

Assuming digital marketing wasn’t my stronghold and I was a novice who runs a business that relies on Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp for survival, I would have considered the several hours of downtime a WARNING signal. Yes! A red flag. Doesn’t sound great but the truth looks ugly sometimes. I’d like to share something critical with you now so you can understand the importance of this piece.

As a business owner, understanding traffic is the most crucial part of your business. Regardless of the business, you are in, (you may be a marketer, a restaurant owner, or someone who runs a business), Traffic remains the most important factor for exponential growth.

There are three types of traffic;

– Traffic you control.

– Traffic you don’t control.

– Traffic you own.

Let’s expantiaite a bit.

What is Traffic you don’t control?

The traffic you don’t control is the audiences, who are not on your email list or followers. They are people who have come to know about your presence through:

Word of Mouth E.g:- A buyer named Greg, gets to find out about your clothing store from his friend Frank. In this case, you don’t have any control over the traffic.

Examples include:

– Instagram Profile

– Facebook Profile

– Guest Blogs

What is Traffic you control?

It is the kind of traffic you get by running ads, be it Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or promotion on other platforms. In this case, you don’t own the traffic…the companies do.

You are just leveraging their data to get traffic, but you control the people you target and the quantity of traffic by spending more or less. With proper testing and optimization, it can do wonders. But when you want more you have to spend more, and this is why you would want to convert this traffic into the traffic you own.

What is Traffic you own?

Simply put traffic you own, it’s the best kind of traffic, these are the people who are on your email list or your followers, customers, etc. These are your loyal customers, they believe and trust your services and products. You can send them an email, post any content and you will generate instant traffic. You don’t have to do SEO or Paid ads. You are in charge of the whole distribution channel. You can sell to them easily because they understand your product/services. This is why building an email list is very crucial. Remember this: You get paid in direct proportion to the length of your email list.

So while the 3 options are opened for businesses to leverage on them for profits, As a business owner, your ultimate goal is to convert the traffic you don’t control and traffic you control into traffic you own.

This means that having your traffic distribution system is a MUST HAVE for any business owner to survive during this economic meltdown.

Think about what just happened with Facebook. Assuming that was the end of Facebook… because impossible is nothing, what would have become of your business and other businesses that rely on them for sales?

In conclusion;

If you are a business owner, a marketer, or anyone who is into profit-making, there’s an urgent need for you to learn and understand modern marketing concepts that are currently productive. the internet. Email marketing (Traffic you own) happens to be one of the most vital concepts.

Once again, an email list of your own is a typical example of traffic that you own. You can monetize the list anytime from the comfort of your computer.

All the best!

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