October 31, 2021

Our society over-sexualises the girl child – Actress Tolulope Oloko

Tolulope Oloko,the producer of Yoruba movie “Ajoji” which recently marked one million views on YouTube has expressed her discontent with the way the female child is sexually objectified and given little chance of freedom to express her sexuality without some measure of stigmatization.

Tolulope made her thoughts known in a chat with Potpourri while reacting to a question on how she feels about females flaunting their God-given endowments on social media.

She said, “I think everyone should do what works for them,we all have our moments as women, moments when we’d like to dress up, inspire, radiate and just be ourselves. It isn’t our fault that our society over-sexualizes the girl child.”

Tolulope Oloko started out as a makeup artist in the movie industry for many years before becoming a producer and an actress. She’s the proverbial graduate of the school of hard knocks given her experience in the industry.

“There’s no job that doesn’t come with its own challenges but how we handle them differ and this brings about different results. My most toxic experience in the interview was when I had to do makeup for a senior actress who I loved on screen and was looking forward to meeting her. Few minutes into the makeup she told me I had to hold my nose because I was breathing on her,” she recounted.

After her success with “Ajoji” Tolulope Oloko is onto her next project “Ayo Kadara” set to be released soon