October 31, 2021

Noah Dallaji Leads Team of investors to Liberia

Noah Dallaji Leads Team of investors to Liberia

Businessman and philanthropist, Engr Noah Dallaji, founder and CEO of the African Children Talent Development Foundation, has led a team of investors to West African country, Liberia.

During the visit, which was multi-tiered, Dallaji took the opportunity to commission the building of a basketball court in a school, run a mentorship program for the Noah Dallaji Legacy Basketball Tournament, while also celebrating with the former president on her 83rd birthday.

Dallaji also visited the Nigerian embassy in Monrovia and address the Liberian parliament.

In his address, he stated the importance of incorporating young ones in government and policymaking.

During the visit, he and his team also had a stopover at the University of Liberia where Dallaji had a sit down with the students on how his foundation could support empowerment.

According to him, the tour is a step in the right direction as it fosters a great relationship between both countries while achieving the goals of his foundation — to empower youths.