Founder of KenMoore Fashion, Ogbonna Kelvin Chukwuma, has said that the brand was not established by accident, but it came up through a divinely inspired vision that gave birth to it. 

Chukwuma revealed in an interview with newsmen that his sojourn in the fashion world was divine as he was inspired by the exhibitions and trade fairs he attended in some European and Asian countries many years ago.

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“I was inspired by the exhibitions and trade fair I attended in some European and Asian countries. I got to know, that there is nothing cast in concrete as regards being a big fashion brand, because not all the big fashion brands have factories. This motivated me to see the possibilities of having mine as a registered brand,” he said.

He revealed that his interest in fashion started way back some years ago when he was still a young boy. According to the CEO of KenMoore Fashion, “at a tender age, during my apprenticeship in the fashion industry, I developed a keen interest and passion for the subject matter and since then, that has been my anchor in the business.

“I learnt trading and fashion from a respected and honorable man in the fashion industry for a very long period of years. I also attended seminars and exhibitions in and out of Nigeria”, the KenMoore Fashion boss added. 

Ogbonna Chukwuma has taken KenMoore Fashion to an enviable height that it has gradually become a much sought-after brand in Nigeria and a leading stable in the Nigerian fashion industry.

“I have been into business for a very long time, marketed and sold various brands that are not mine, in the course, I found out that setting up my own brand won’t be a regrettable decision, eventually, with my hard work and passion for the business I can say so far no regrets.

“We have varieties of designs in KenMoore brand that are fast selling due to the fact that we have maintained the quality over time.”added the KenMoore Fashion CEO.

Despite the high costs of running business due to the prevailing harsh economic climate around the world, KenMoore Fashion boss assured that the prices of its products are customer friendly.

“Most of our products are produced and imported from Europe and other continents, so due to the exchange rate, it has been difficult. As we maintain and improve on the quality of our products, yet we are making sure the prices are on a good side for buyers, such that anyone even with minimum budget can always purchase.

According to Ogbonna Chukwuma, the KenMoore Fashion has varieties of designs that are fast selling, adding that the brand is conscious of the taste and quality demands of its numerous customers.

Speaking about the ultimate goal of KenMoore Fashion, Ogbonna Chukwuma said that he is aiming higher to become one of the biggest and famous fashion brands in Nigeria, and “we hope to achieve it by maintaining the quality of our products and making it readily available at all time”.

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