October 16, 2021

I’ve taken destiny into my hands – Nigerian Lady lands Tech job after learning with Gurudemy

I’ve taken destiny into my hands – Nigerian Lady lands Tech job after learning with Gurudemy

…Rejects “The Lazy Nigerian Youth Label”

It seems very convenient to share success stories from a distance. We lift our souls with words from people who have gone and excelled.

Then we prepare ourselves with the “One day I go make am” line. For Blossom Udoesit a 20-year-old Nigerian lady living in Lagos, things were firstly “dicey.”

Firstly, she had to quickly accept the reality that her parents were separated and that her decision to be “better” rested in her hands. Again, she must choose to fight the many obstacles of unemployment, and economic hardship which threaten her desire for career success.

On the 27th September, 2021, Udoh’s dreams became reality when she received an employment offer at a major digital marketing firm in Lagos, Nigeria. We have chosen to tell her remarkable story here with the hope that it inspires every Nigerian youth, parent, or guardian to keep believing.

What do you think about getting jobs & making a living in Nigeria?
Miss Udoh: Well, I will start by saying everyone has to be very intentional. I know there are many reasons to debate the state of unemployment. “The country is hard.” In spite of these debates, people are thriving gracefully.

So how did this observation shape your thinking?

Miss Udoh: I believe everyone has something that drives them. For me, the challenge was finding my niche and what I was exceptionally good at. Initially, I this was difficult because many of us grew up on the idea of “Taking life as it comes” or “It is what is.”

Did your mindset about Nigeria change at any point?
Miss Udoh: Let me speak for myself. I have had to face life differently. It was the only option I had. “Doing it hard.” Usually, I wake up and let out my frustrations. Until I noticed I had to positively channel that frustration into something. This is not a motivational speech. But I really advise every youth to be more intentional. I know good things will come for us. Salaries barely get increased. Prices keep skyrocketing. I just channeled all these worries into finding what I loved which was digital marketing. Earning an income has been easy ever since.

Tell us how you took your destiny into your hands?
Miss Udoh: Phewwww!!! (A deep breath) …You know I currently work in a firm where I apply the digital marketing skill I learnt this year to solve clients’ problems.

For me, choosing to actually learn a tech skill was a major breakthrough. It required a lot of self-determination, and hunger. You see I was born in a home where both parents were separated. It took a lot…Let’s just say it took a lot of lessons to realize I was in this “thing” by myself. I didn’t have anyone to support in making decisions.

So, I seized that bull by the horn even if it was going to take years. This experience has also made me very self-dependent. I get to figure out what is required of me at some stages in my life. I ask “Does this move require learning on my part or financial investment?” For instance, choosing to save every penny from “my little income” to learn digital marketing and actually pay for the course is something I will always be proud of. I could have bought a wig or a new phone, you know.

What do you think about Nigerian youths being called lazy?
Miss Udoh: I feel it disrupted somethings in our minds (both positively and negatively). The way youths usually go after their goals is very inspiring. I think that statement just reminded to keep doing “us.” We refuse to let go. I think this is the part I have chosen to see. What drives me is the positive view I have of of this reality.

By learning a digital marketing skill are you rejecting the lazy label?
Miss Udoh: Wow! Oh yes, I am rejecting that big placard with the “LAZY” boldly written on it. Like I said, learning a skill is one of the best choices I have made this year. I made that decision at a crucial point in my life so I hold that memory special. I said I was going to learn and also practise it. I guess that attitude was what landed me this job.

Do you have any plans beyond the job?
Of course, it is not just a job. It is a career for me. One of the things we were taught at our tech school was tech entrepreneurship. That is, using digital skills to solve business problems and creating opportunities. So, my digital marketing skills will definitely extend into affiliate marketing for multinationals and more. I also have plans to nurture Nigerian youths by sponsoring them to learn a course at the tech school I graduated from. This small girl has plans.

Miss Blossom U. Udoesit is one of the 20 graduates and alumni of Gurudemy’s July – September training session. Gurudemy is a Lagos-based tech school that is empowering the next generation of Nigerian entrepreneurs in tech skills such as coding, graphics design, web/app development, UI/UX and more.

About Gurudemy:
At the center of our learning curriculum is the desire to provoke your inner curiosity. Challenges such as ignorance, low quality and outdated educational systems weaken our human minds. They make our youths inferior competitors to their counterparts excelling in other parts of the world. Such systems can only produce disadvantaged individuals with subpar skills and knowledge to run industries and economies locally and globally.

We cannot let this pattern continue. As of 2020, Nigeria has been heavily mentioned as the Poverty Capital of the World with the average citizen living on less than $2 per day (about N700). When education fails to offer conscious enlightenment and empowerment, the consequences are usually damaging. It moves from poverty of the people to the poverty of a nation. To clamp down on poverty, and level the ground, ignorance and inadequate skilled education must firstly be combated headlong.

At Gurudemy, we strongly believe it is not enough to acquire education. To further our people’s development, accessing an impactful and relevant kind should be the goal. This is why we encourage our students to occupy the frontlines in today’s world by learning digital and business skills. The digital world shapes today’s innovations and existence. Consequently, all our learning syllabuses are designed to provoke that desired curiosity, inspire innovation, and cause students to see their worlds as creative canvases awaiting tomorrow’s masterpiece.

We need our students to become better contributors and better citizens in our social economy.