Dr. Amos Fowole is a strong contender in the Lagos State Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, chairmanship race. And admirers saw a glimpse of the weight he can pull at the cancelled part congress. Some consider him the favourite, whose support base cuts across about 12 local government areas in the state. Fawole has over 40 years experience in medical practice and eight in legal practice— Commercial and Corporate Law, Corporate Governance. He has been active in the political scene for over 20 years. In this interview, he speaks of the plan to make the party take Lagos. Fawole says he’s the unifier PDP needs in Lagos.

Dr. Amos Fawole

 Sir, PDP has not ruled Lagos…

PDP has not ruled Lagos for the past 22 years for various reasons. The major reason for not winning is the ease with which the ruling party in the state coerces and compromises those at the helm of affairs of the party.

We intend to run the most transparent administration in the history of the party and also follow the party’s constitution to the letter.

Above all, the party is in need of a rebirth with unity as the key to achieving the set goal of taking over the administration of Lagos at Alausa come 2023 general elections.

How certain are you that the story will change in 2023?

I’m 100% certain that PDP shall win and occupy Alausa come 2023. I will deliver Lagos on a platter to PDP. And that is my mission.

How are you going to achieve that?

We shall strive to unite the party and form a strategic planning committee made up of intelligent and seasoned politicians, who will draw up a strategic plan for winning the elections.

We will also accommodate vibrant young men and women into our team and then tap from the knowledge of the leaders and elders of the party who have seen it all.

What gives you such confidence?

I’m a medical doctor and also a lawyer. l also have an MBA. With my academic background and business experience, I can drive this vision. I am going to use these backgrounds to further the interests of PDP in Lagos State.

I’m also a good listener.  Any complaints from any quarter will be passionately looked into with the aim of amicable settlement through dispute resolution mechanisms.

You’re so sure of winning the chairmanship and then performing in the 2023 elections. This is Lagos, you know.

I know the party members know my worth and PDP needs a good hand to be is seriously ready for the general elections in 2023.

Immediately the new leadership of the party is inaugurated, various positive steps will be taken to strengthen the party structure and inspire party members to be positive about winning.

This time around unity and a united front is what I will bring to the party. We have all learned our lessons. PDP Lagos is going to bury the hatchet for good. Our enemies will be put to shame.

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