By Gabriel Ewepu

AS people continue to fall into depression, dejection, low esteem, frustration, and even suicide, a CentreStage Live Conference host, Naomi Osemedua, yesterday, explained how sharing positive life’s experiences and stories can add value and serve as panacea to silent killing psychological problems.  

Being an online influencer, Osemedua, also disclosed how her personal life experiences she shared brought about positive impact on readers who read them via the social media.

While emphasizing on how the society could be positively impacted with journalists after a conference with theme ‘Changing the African Narrative through the Power of Story-telling’ in Abuja, said narration potency cannot be underestimated in bringing positive empowerment and change in African families and individuals.

According to her, she took advantage of the platform created by ‘Periscope’ and made her experiences known through telling the stories her stories, saying her dream has evolved and blossomed into a global organisation.

The CentreStage International (CSI), in partnership with Ascend Studios Foundation for the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) – an initiative of the White House that supports women entrepreneurs around the world and proudly supported by TENT Group Limited, hosted the maiden edition of the CentreStage Live Conference 2021.

She said: “Centrestage International provides coaching, mentoring and training resources to help change the African narrative of being the ‘dark’ continent.

“People need to realise that social media has not come to damage the world rather, it has come to amplify our voices.

“If we have more good people who are using the platform to amplify gists, the world will be better off.

“True, we are losing values but we can get them back if people become more responsible and ask ‘what can I do as I am? What can I do in my home? What can I do while raising my children? What can I do in my community, in my mosque, in my church, where ever I find myself?’ It really is about asking yourself how you can be a part of the change and not the problem.”

Meanwhile, the representative of the US Consulate General’s Office, Ibrahim Aliyu, made it known about what the Consulate is doing through various US exchange alumni programmes including the African Women Entrepreneurs, AWE, and would also address societal issues in Africa for the desired change. 

Aliyu who acknowledged Osemedua of being an alumna of the US Exchange Programme, commended her resilience demonstrated and the impact of the programme in changing the African narrative.

“We applaud you, Naomi Osemedua, and we will ensure the mission’s leadership participates in your next conference to show how proud the consulate is of you”, he said.

One of Nigeria’s Nollywood veterans, Ms. Joke Silva, expressing joy commended organizers of the event and also appreciated AWE for breeding change instruments such as Naomi.

“I love the participation and collaboration between Bimbo Oloyede, AWE and Naomi Osemedua”, Silva said.

Similarly, a non-profit management consultant at ID Consulting, Ivarah Itofa, said he shares his life experience story through charity, rendering assistance to both local and international non-profit making organisations to design sustainable projects that would make appreciable impact on the people. 

“Back then, we enjoyed the folk tales about animals told to us by our parents. All those things changed the narrative of who I am today. It is okay to be a Nigerian because you have a story, something to bless the world with, so step out and give the world this gift. Do not be ashamed of it”, Itofa said.

Meanwhile, recalling some memories said he founded a church on a street including an organization whose specialization is to address food insecurity among indigent children from rural areas in Nigeria through local food banks to support low-cost schools.

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