Opposition to Declaring Bandits Terrorists: ACF, MBF, Ohanaeze, Afenifere, CAN rain knocks on Gumi
Sheikh Gumi

By Sola Isola – Ibadan

The Southern Nigeria Frontiers, SNF, has on Wednesday, accused the controversial Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi, of being an integral part of the ongoing terrorism in Nigeria codenamed banditry, calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to order the arrest and investigation of the cleric.

This is coming at the heels of the comment of Sheikh Gumi on Tuesday, that declaring bandits as terrorists would come with a big price for Nigeria.

In a statement by the spokesman of the group, Olufemi Lawson, made available to Vanguard in Ibadan, SNF noted that the continuous failure of Buhari’s regime to call Gumi for questioning is one of the major reasons the administration has been severally accused of nepotism and running Nigeria like a Fulani colony.

He added that the position of Sheikh Gumi, which the President has remained silent over, shows that the President have no regard for Nigerians.

The statement reads “The Southern Nigeria Frontier, SNF, is appalled by the recent statement credited to controversial Islamic Cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, where he claimed, that there would be a ‘big price’ if the Terrorists currently rampaging the various parts of the country, particularly the Northwest, are so designated as Terrorists, against the tag of Bandits, that they are currently being addressed as.

“To say the least, the SNF is not in anyway surprised by Sheik Gumi’s position, considering the fact, that he has consistently positioned himself, as the mouthpiece of these terrorists gangs, especially as the federal government continue to behave helpless, despite the fundamental need to question Gumi’s unhidden affinity and strong solidarity with these elements.

“The continued failure of President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime, to call Gumi for questioning is no doubt, one of the major reasons, why the administration has been severally accused of being soaked in all manners of nepotism and running Nigeria like a Fulani colony.

“Sheikh Gumi has continued to roam all over the place, acting as a link man between the federal government and these terrorists, as his intervention and utterances while doing this are another matter entirely. Doesn’t it look like we have a low-intensity war going on in the country, when the Government is now being subjected to the wishes of Sheikh Gumi, in order to take a decision, on a matter of crucial National security.

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“Whether they like it or not, we in the Southern Nigeria, believe, that there is a low-intensity war going on, and If Nigeria is not becoming a failed state, Gumi should have by now been arrested and placed under serious interrogation by the security agencies, but they have refused to do this, up till this moment, because he is surely playing the game of some very significant persons, in the present administration.

“We make bold to say that Gumi or anyone still shielding these criminal elements at this point, are the real troublers of Nigeria, who are out, to continue to make life unbearable not only for the suffering people of the northwest, but all of us, as Nigerians.

“The position of Sheikh Gumi, which unfortunately the Buhari presidency have remained silent over, shows that he has no regard for Nigerians, and does not see us, as fellow human beings. Gumi is an integral part of the ongoing terrorism codenamed banditry, and if care is not taken, they are bound to take Nigeria down.

“The actions of these terrorists and their supporters such as Gumi, have put Nigeria on the precipice and they no longer behave like fellow countrymen. They are behaving like enemies of Nigeria and enemies of the rest of us.

“Once again, we are demanding an immediate arrest and investigation into the activities of Gumi, whose audacity at defending these crime against our people, has gotten to an alarming height. We shall also be petitioning the relevant members of the diplomatic community, International Criminal Court and the UN agencies over Gumi’s complicity in the crime against humanity, which he has become a vanguard of.

“Finally, we call on Nigerians, to be alert and extremely vigilant, at this point in time.

“We would not surrender to these terrorists and their enablers who are trying to take advantage of the silence of the federal government, to impose their war on all of us.

“Nigerians must gird their loins and be prepared to defend themselves and their land against marauders who are all over the place terrorising them”.

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