October 8, 2021

Eni’s art exhibition “Hope of Love” in Bavaria Germany

Eni’s art exhibition “Hope of Love” in Bavaria Germany

By Prisca Sam-Duru

Known also as “Blackman in European Kitchen”, Emmanuel Eni, who made the list of one of the most popular and most famous artists by IMDB, Forbes as well as various online and print magazines, keeps surprising his fans and projecting greatly into the future.

The renowned Nigerian-German artist, poet and philosopher’s exhibition of sculptures and pictures, held between 17th and 25th September 2021 was his second exhibition in the region of Wunsiedel, Upper Frankonia, Bavaria Germany.

Themed ‘Hope of Love’, the exhibition showcased 30 pictures and sculptures in bronze, terracotta and fibreglass; all selected from his rich collection, ‘Hope of Love’ which came as a sequel to Eni’s well-attended and successful exhibition in the Fichtelgebirgshalle 2019 in Wunsiedel, centered on deeper aspects of love that resonate through the daily life of individuals, the society and life. The masterpieces featured in the exhibition in no small measure, multiplied the convenience of mutual understanding. It as well served as an opening of rich and atmospheric show designed to remain forever with viewers and buyers as an experience of personal wealth, love and hope.

Emmanuel Eni is also the author and performer of “Blackman in European Kitchen” who at the same time is the creator and patent holder of New ‘LightPaintings’ Art, founder of contemporary Baroque art, developer of the metric scale for art products as referred in his ‘Death of the Curator’ drama, (a play revealing the intrigue and conspiracy in the art world while pointing out the dangers of curated art), as well as being the sculptor of elephants. Opened by the district Administrator Peter Berek, Wunsiedel, through Roland Schöffel, and Lord Mayor of Marktredwitz City, Oliver Weigel and Horst Geissel, “Hope of love” exhibition which was a special reconciling, supportive and exciting show for visitors, art aficionados and the general public, turned out quite impactful.

 Interestingly, a part of the proceeds from sales, as part of the artists contemporary Barock art guidelines will be given to the district of Wunsiedel for chosen charity purposes.

In the professional and customized notes on the exhibits, Prof. Austin Asagba expressed how proud and honoured he was for the opportunity to send memories and projections on the career of his dear friend and colleague Emmanuel Eni, describing him as “A talented creative artist, musician, poet and playwright”.

Knowing him for decades and having been inspired by his unique art that is framed in an environment of love and hope for people around the world, Prof Asagba said that “This exhibition stands again as testament to his strong will, dedication and determination to create palliative works that will calm and fulfill humanity as it faces the challenges of the pandemic worldwide”. He observed that “the staccato of temperament that Eni always captures in his works reflects his impatience with the pain and suffering of man. So we must all be patient and read between the lines as we enjoy the poetry of his sculptures, paintings and poetry”.