October 11, 2021

Desist from using my name for cheap political clout – Mohammed Gololo warns

Desist from using my name for cheap political clout – Mohammed Gololo warns

A former member of the Federal House of Representatives, representing Gamawa constituency of Bauchi State, Hon. Mohammed Garba Gololo has called on Nigerians to disassociate themselves from one hungry looking politician chasing clout and using his name to draw controversies in the polity.

Gololo made this known while interacting with some journalists at the Airport on his way to Bauchi where some Journalists ran into him because they equally saw the publication and wanted clarification, which he agreed to have been receiving phone calls on the issue.

According to him, he has been getting calls from people across the federation and his political party about his statement against the government which he wasn’t aware of.

The journalists who requested for clarification from the humble lawmaker wanted to know if he was behind the publications.

In his response, he explained that he’s known with the name Gololo and the said person decided to use his name Gololo to attain a mischievous aim.

He further stressed that the said person has been parading himself on social media with the intent of bringing de-satisfactions amongst his political cliques.

“I woke up one morning seeing my image on a post by some (online media) not Vanguard alleging that I made the statement. They have to double check their facts because I won’t take it likely with anyone trying to use my image or name for their mischievous aims,” Gololo explained.

Hon. Garba Gololo who has been working tirelessly to improve the lives of his constituents even as an ex member has shown his philanthropic gestures won’t diminish easily.

Mohammed Garba Gololo also hinted that plans are also on the way to organize a workshop and empowerment programme for some youths in his constituency to improve their way of livelyhood.