BBNaija: I hope my relationship is still intact, says Nini

By Sylvester Kwentua

The romance between Saga and Nini made big headlines during the just concluded Big Brother Naija “Shine Ya Eye’ reality TV show. Last week we brought you what Saga’s thoughts were on Nini and we conclude it with what Nini’s thoughts are on Saga too. Enjoy:

How has life outside the house been?

Life outside the Big Brother house has really been overwhelming; the love has been overwhelming, and I am still trying to find a balance. I am grateful for the love, and I appreciate it all. Life outside the house has been different and I am still trying to find a balance and I am enjoying every part of it.

You spent nine weeks in the house, did you at any time regret being in the house considering you once said you were a very private person before venturing into BBNAIJA?

While I was in the Big Brother House, I felt really opportune, considering I knew that thousands of people had auditioned for it, and I was picked out of a thousand people, and I really felt grateful. There was no time for regret. I lived every day as it came, and there was no time for regrets. I, being a private person, didn’t change anything; because I knew out of a thousand people I was picked. So there was no time for me to regret anything, as I spent all my days in the house being grateful for being picked.

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Nini, how is your relationship with Saga post BBNaija?

My relationship with Saga is the same, we are still very good friends, and yes, we are great.

Saga has been granting interviews since both of you got evicted, and in one particular interview, Saga was quoted as saying he never loved you as much as people thought, do you think he is being honest?

Honestly yes, Saga and I had a mutual friendship, and we both understood each other, but coming outside, people made it look like it was a one person thing, maybe he was giving me energy and I was not giving him back the same energy. See, it was a mutual friendship, and I gave him back the same energy he gave to me. So, yes (he was honest).

People believe both Saga and you were paired by Biggie from day one, to play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ on the show to give the viewers content, how true is this assertion?

(Laughs) First of all, that is so wrong, because you don’t get a script going into the Big Brother House. It is a reality show; you go there and be yourself. So, Big Brother didn’t give us any script.

In an interview you granted a sister media house, you expressed regret for toying with Saga’s mental health, especially when Biggie asked you to disappear for 24 hours, have you made peace with your conscience and with Saga, regarding this?

Yes, Saga and I spoke about it, and I told him I was sorry, considering the fact that I didn’t get to tell him sorry on the show because I still had to continue my task. So, I spoke to Saga and he understood that why I had to put the little effect I did was because we had failed one Big Brother task, and I didn’t want us to fail another one, and we saw the punishment that came with failing that task. So I knew I had to put a little effort into this task and Saga understood and even appreciated my effort and was happy I didn’t fail this task. So, we are good on that front.

Do you have strong emotional feelings for Saga?

I like Saga a lot, Saga is my friend. Yes, I like him a lot, and we are great, and that is that.

While in the house, it was reported that you kept on mentioning you had a boyfriend to Saga. If it’s true, why did you keep saying that, to dissuade him?

First of all, I never kept on mentioning I had a boyfriend to Saga, because there was absolutely no need for that, and that is because Saga understood. We understood our friendship and boundaries, and there was absolutely no need for me to remind him that I had a boyfriend. We both knew that, and he was a very respectful man to me, and there was no need for me to always say that to him because he respected the boundaries, and I respected his boundaries, so we were good.

A fan once opined on Instagram that after the show, you would stop playing hard to get for Saga and even date him and more. Is there a chance of this happening?

First of all, I was not playing hard to get for Saga, We had a mutual friendship. Saga never asked me out, so there was no playing hard to get, because nobody wanted to get me, and Saga never said he wanted to date me. So, I was not playing hard to get.


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