The African qualifying competition for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar returns on Wednesday, today, with Match Day 3 fixtures across the continent between Wednesday and Saturday.

Following is the Match Day 3 full schedule, with the kick-off times in GMT:

Date                   Time     Group     Venue                                                      Countries

Wednesday         16:00       I               Morocco                        Sudan vs Guinea

Wednesday        19:00       I               Rabat                              Morocco vs Guinea Bissau

Thursday            13:00       C              Accra                    Liberia vs Cape Verde

Thursday            13:00       J              Kinshasa                        DR Congo vs Madagascar

Thursday            13:00       J              Dar es Salaam               Tanzania vs Republic of Benin

Thursday            16:00       B              Malabo                           Equatorial Guinea vs Zambia

Thursday           16:00       C              Lagos                     Nigeria vs CAR

Thursday           16:00       E              Kigali                   Rwanda vs Uganda

Thursday           19:00       B              Rades                               Tunisia vs Mauritania

Thursday           19:00       E              Agadir                              Mali vs Kenya

Friday                13:00       D              Johannesburg       Malawi vs Cote d’Ivoire

Friday                16:00       D              Douala                            Cameroon vs Mozambique

Friday                16:00       F              Luanda                            Angola vs Gabon

Friday                19:00       A              Blida                          Algeria vs Niger Republic

Friday                19:00       A              Marrakech                     Djibouti vs Burkina Faso

Friday                19:00       F              Alexandria                       Egypt vs Libya

Saturday           13:00       G             Bahir Dar                          Ethiopia vs South Africa

Saturday           16:00       G             Cape Coast                  Ghana vs Zimbabwe

Saturday           16:00       H              Lome                                Togo vs Congo

Saturday           19:00       H              Thies                                Senegal vs Namibia


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