Powershift: Northern governors only exercised their right under freedom of expression ― Southern governors

…Pushes for structured state policing

Worried about the damages caused by open grazing across the nation, the Igbo World Assembly, IWA, has appealed to the South-East and all the Southern Governors to sign the anti-open grazing bill into law now in their respective states.

IWA is the Umbrella Organization that represents the Apex National Igbo Organizations worldwide and is the mouthpiece on Ndiigbo affairs and speaks the will of Ndiigbo in the Diaspora.

The Chairman of the Diaspora group, DR. Nwachukwu Anakwenze in a virtual world press conference yesterday noted without mincing words that Nigerians were tired of watching the Fulanis and Meyitti Allah grabbing land from indigenous Nigerians and giving them to their Fulani brethren from all West African countries while turning indigenous Nigerians into homeless people under the guise of open grazing.

Nowhere else in the world,  civilized or otherwise,  according to him, are cattle allowed to parade the streets across towns and cities unchecked.

While pushing for a restructuring of the country with structured state policing, Anakwenze said that “It is time to rise up boldly against nefarious activities, indiscriminate killings, and land grabs disguised as open grazing. Ranching should be a private business; the government can only give incentives for all farmers, not to a specific section of the country.

“Kudos to those Southern Governors who understand the nefarious activities of the Cattle Herdsmen in our home states and the devastating impacts of open grazing in our home soil and vegetations not to mention the corresponding crimes and intimidation to our people.

“Those Governors must understand that they serve at the pleasure of the electorates of their respective states. Again, kudos, to those South-West, South-South, and a few South-East Governors who have put the interests of the people first and have chosen to sign the offensive inhumane Anti-Open Grazing Bill into law, ”, Anakwenze noted.

He was optimistic that  Nigeria would do well, with guaranteed security for lives and property and if people enjoy peace and tranquillity in their geopolitical zones, their farms, and livelihood assured.

“The collective opinion of IWA is that restructuring of the country with structured state policing, jettisoning of open grazing as a panacea will guarantee the security of lives and properties across the federation. IWA believes that Nigeria will not develop at the current rate and may eventually break up unless the country is restructured.

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“We are also, in support of the resolutions of the Southern Governors at Asaba, in Delta State, as the only way out of the debacle in which we found ourselves in current Nigeria. These Southern Governors resolution calling for restructuring and national confab should be taken seriously by the federal government because the resolution has the best interest of Nigeria at heart”, he said.

Speaking on   Ebubeagu a security outfit like Amotekun, established to curb insecurity in the South East, Anakwenze  expressed deep concerns, saying that  Ebubeagu  is yet to be implemented as was planned because of politics and insincerity of those in position to make it happen.

According to IWA Chairman, “Records show cavalier attitudes and lack of clarity of purposes to the attendance of most of the South East pressing issues by South governors.  The Governors through their Governor’s forum is supposed to be the only avenue for deliberation of collective conscience, articulation, and advancement of the southeast  “Igbo speaking States’ agenda”.

“ Instead, the recurring news is that of cavalier attitude and lack of clarity of purpose towards the needs of the South-East States by the Governors. 

Reminding  South East of their responsibilities to those who they represent, that their politics and party may vary time and again, he said that their identities remain “Igbo” to death.

“While they may go to bed and wake up members of different political parties, they may not close their eyes and wish away their identities as Ndiigbo. Their actions today, follow them tomorrow and beyond; and will extend to their children and their children’s children.  

“Igbo leaders are supposed to be men or women elected by a group to act and speak on their behalf. Igbo leaders are supposed to derive their authority and power from the people they are leading or representing and exercise such power and authority for the benefit of the people and not for themselves.

“Igbo leaders’ words and actions must reflect collectively articulated and agreed on views, opinions, needs, aspirations, fears, and interests of the people at all times”, he explained.

According to him,  “ IWA reiterates its reminder to those Igbo leaders holding and aspiring for elected offices that they serve at the pleasure of those that they represent and that it is a “privilege”, not a “right” to hold “public trust”.

“That Self-aggrandizement, allure, and greed of political party gains and party affiliations should always take a back seat when the issues of Igbo interest, “public trust” surface in the discharge of their duties”

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