September 13, 2021

PIA: NLNG Train 7, other projects to diversify Nigeria’s economy

PIA: NLNG Train 7, other projects to diversify Nigeria’s economy

…As Dorman Long, Rockwell Automation showcase technology

By Udeme Akpan

THE Nigeria LNG Train 7 and other gas projects, to be fueled by the Petroleum Industry Act, PIA, will culminate in the diversification of Nigeria’s economy, according to Dorman Long Engineering Limited.

Speaking at the Virtual Oil and Gas Solutions Seminar, organized by Rockwell Automation and Dorman Long, Thursday, Chairman of the company, Dr. Timi Austen Peters, said: “The timing of this auspicious event and the importance lies in the fact that the Nigerian Gas sector is billed for growth and development with the potential of becoming the mainstay of the country’s economy.

“Investments and the drive to harness Nigeria’s abundant natural gas across all facets of the industry, mostly notable through the NLNG T7 project with a 35 per cent increase in annual production capacity.

 “Collectively, investments into the gas space will help to further, diversify the revenue portfolio of the Federal Government. Rockwell Automation’s gas technology solutions will be instrumental in generating value to producers, across her facility be it upgrade initiatives, maintenance and process systems.

“We at Dorman Long Engineering are excited to be part of Rockwell Automation’s newest technologies in the development of the Nigerian gas industry. DLE’s expertise, footprint and established relationships with the oil majors and minors allow her the comparative advantage and position to market the RA brand. We are confident that this innovative technology will support your businesses to realize smarter and connected solutions towards operational excellence.

“As you all know, Rockwell Automation is the world’s leader in industrial Automation/Information Technology. Dorman Long Engineering Limited (DLEL) is a leading Oilfield Equipment, Structural Steel, Marine Engineering and Fabrication Company. Since its inception, Dorman Long has been a major contributor to Nigeria’s industrial and Infrastructural development through steel fabrication and erection services. In recent years, Asset Management, Galvanizing and Manpower supply services have turned Dorman Long into a vendor of choice in the Oil and Gas, Telecommunications and Power sectors.

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“Our partnership with Rockwell Automation started in 2012, and there is no doubt that this relationship has, over the years, helped over 30 end-users to reduce their operational costs, increase standardization and facility uptime through the use of Rockwell Brands (Rockwell Software, Allen Bradley Hardware, FactoryTalk and Lifecycle Services). Dorman Long has been the face of Rockwell in Nigeria offering superior B2C (business to consumer) delivery and service at the RIGHT PRICE, WHERE and WHEN needed.”

Also speaking at the event, Managing Director, Rockwell in South Africa, Canninah Mapena, who doubles as the Sales Director for Rockwell in Africa, said: “On the first of October in 2020, we officially became Rockwell Africa, no longer Rockwell sub-Sahara Africa. So, we are now local Africa. “This means that we plan to be visible on the ground, especially in Nigeria. We’ve got a team of people based in Nigeria.”

“So, when we became Rockwell Africa, we selected a few countries. I’m not going to mention those countries because today is all about Rockwell in Nigeria. And the reason why I want to say that is because Nigeria is very close to my heart. “And I know it’s very close to a lot of people in Rockwell.

One of the issues I’ve had was the business that we are currently doing in Nigeria. If you look at the Gross Domestic Product, GDP of Nigeria, it’s over $1 trillion. We’re not getting anything in terms of us and our partnership, and growing the business in Africa. “It was all about how we make sure that we grow the business in our backyard. And that’s why you will see that everything is no longer done in South Africa. It is done right inside Nigeria.

She added: “We are here for the next 100 years as Rockwell Africa and DLE partners.

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