By Victor Arjiromanus

Against the norm of obtaining loans for business expansion by evolving companies, KayceeLaw properties Ltd, a prospering Real Estate and properties company in Nigeria has attributed its growth to teamwork and smart investing.

The Real estate group, located in Abuja claimed that it has never had any reason to obtain any loan, either from private or government institutions.

Speaking with the group’s MD/CEO, Bar. Emmanuel Kelechukwu, he revealed that the company’s growth has basically been a proactive and gradual process.

He said; “we have never considered any huge loans from anywhere, KayceeLaw Properties Ltd is strictly self-funded, because we believe in slow growth rather than rising and crashing. Our capital literally came from our income, right from the get-go we were already selling and getting a commission, drafting agreements, or even renting and getting commissions, so the growth was coming just as our income was coming, so it wasn’t like a situation whereby we had any capital from anywhere to start-up, we were just taking our growth as it comes, putting our best, our entire team ensured that things were coming in. As funds were coming in we were reinvesting smartly and growing”

According to Bar. Kelechukwu, collaboration is the trigger for business growth, not competition as believed by many, saying this has sharpened his business view to see others in the property business as partners.

“I don’t see competition. I see partners and collaborators, I see people I could do business with because real estate is wide, you can’t sell everything, you can’t build everything, you can’t literally get to everyone, Abuja is a big place so I see every other person in real estate as a partner, yes and I do business with these partners all the time, it is always a good feeling when we come together and we share our money as real state practitioners so I do not see any competition. By God’s grace when we have more projects on ground I plan to bring in people in the same line of business to market my product so why should I see them as competitors, so there is no competitor, just a lot of partners which I appreciate.”

Bar, Kelechukwu decried dishonesty and low-quality staffs as ‘stiff challenges’ bedevilling the real estate and property sector. He said ‘there is a huge number of a dishonest and fraudulent person operating real estate firms in Nigeria, which has really affected the trust ratio from clients. Another is staffing, Nigeria’s educational system has affected the possibility to get quality staff in the sector, and start-ups cannot afford to go for high-end employees, so obviously to get a staff that would be able to do the job and do it properly, might be someone you have to pay real high.’

He concluded by saying, his company has indulged in strategies to curb those challenges, also stating that being a legal practitioner the distrust level from clients has been cut by half. “The moment clients find out I am a lawyer; there is a lot of confidence in whatever transaction we are going through.” He said.

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