By Gbenro Olajuyigbe

“The only thing history owes us is truth”- anonymous

Supare, a town in Akoko South West is peopled with courageous persons with traits of honour and vigour; and they express these with uncommon limpidity.

They are pellucid in their expression even while using organisms in their environment to drive home moral lessons and learning.

While growing up, there used to be a species of sand shaking insect buried in sands but believed to be vast in understanding human languages.

It was called ‘Okitipelupelu’, a sand-dwelling insect that follows the dancing steps of its father and mother.

To draw it out of the sand, we used to sing for it! Okitipelupelu, jijo ba’re han mi; jijo ye’re han mi! – okitipelupelu, dance like your father for me, dance like your mother for me.

All we did then was to turn the sand side where it dwelt to talking drum, with our palms hitting the ground as drum sticks, singing and watching okitipelupelu dancing for us.

‘Free Food Kills’- FFK is the modern equivalent of okitipelupelu, though he does not have the character of okitipelupelu.

Also, okitipelupelu dwells in the sand while FFK lives in mud and with the capacity to throw mud or even drag high flying pelican birds into the mud, beating it with experience and fluent mud language.

Like okitipelupelu, he also dances like his father, sustaining the family’s legacy of betrayal and denial.

He now leads the Ilaris! ‘Ilaris’ were Palace slaves in the Old Oyo empire. They were made eunuch because they had to attend to the emissaries of the oloris, the king’s harems of wives. Their Head was often buried with the Alafin, whenever he died.

The modern-day Ilaris are Seriki’s Abobakus, educated but comfortably moronic, with ignorance as an emblem of bliss. Calling them Buharists is unwarranted flattery! Nevertheless, they now have a new head in Femi Food-Killer. Indeed, I agree with my friend, Olumide Olaniyan that FFK could mean Free Food Kills!

Now, am just imagining the kind of poison the Abobakus have been eating in the last six years supporting a demagogue who just gave the glorified Ilaris a repugnant head at his pleasure! It’s time to tell your neighbours that Free Food Kills as the 2023 elections approach before they elect foes as kings.

Congratulations to the newly publicly presented Seriki Abobaku. Oye am’ori oo. My condolences to the slightly esteemed Abobakus; who lost their positions but without losing the stupidity that often powered their sycophancy and bewildering thoughtlessness while supporting the god that bought them from the electoral market.

As in every policy debate, they have started their own one-sided narrative, using MTN as their case study for pushing for who should be VAT custodian. They ignore court and law, forgetting that law is what Court says it is! Pressure on public infrastructure, cost of maintenance and stabilization of disrupted standard of living and cost of living with attendant social cost and consequences at where companies and industries are cited are not worthy of their consideration.

This is the narrative their paymasters is subtly pushing out via the platforms of these foot soldiers, who know neither path to honour nor the road to the palace of their tragic hero. Take it or leave it, fiscal federalism is the acceptable minimum standard for competitive development.

States within the federation are both constitutional and geographical realities. There must be boundaries; physically and fiscally in order to run a development driven functional federalism. It’s re-structure or perishes! Reasoning means nothing to the Abobakus.

They have destroyed all architectures of civilization and uprooted the guiding principles in their approach to the hero-worshipping they mistake for support. Riotous, unruly and with hands full of mud, to throw at anyone that disagrees with the policies and politics of their hero. They see nothing wrong with reckless borrowing.

How the country has become a moving morgue filled with blood dripping dead bodies does not bother them as long as their demagogue retains his seat.

The frightening security concerns and poor policy provoked nationalization of poverty; disaster and penury do not bother them either! How an importing, not producing, the debt-laden economy with unrepentant reckless compulsive borrowers at its helms of affair expected Naira to be strong beats logic and flouts common sense! Aboki fx is the new fall victim of their legendary incompetence; Incompetence wrapped with the escapist strategy of blame that has become the subtle default response model for a cover-up by a glaringly capacity deficiency syndrome afflicted government!

Compound foolishness is incurable. Those afflicted by it are not helpable because of their irrevocable commitment to deafening sycophantic cowardice and fearful timidity. They exchange one level of stupidity for another.

I learned in their meeting last night they were angrily asking ‘why would the abuser of their hero be placed on Red Carpet while they remain in the nadir of mud? The truth is that even their hero knows that useful morons deserve no place in decent history!

In Sodom and Gomorrah, immorality was the new normal. God visited them with fistful anger to recompense their iniquities. Despite grace and mercy, Lot’s wife became Pillar of Salt because after being rescued, she looked back toward Sodom and Gomorrah! Today, Sodom is the adulterated conscience that robes people of the capacity to speak and stand by the truth, Gomorrah, the lawful captives with a lying spirit in the coven of the abominable king, validating capacity deficiency and weak ability as tools for building the virile nation.

 Like the ancient Sodom and Gomorrah, will God deliver them? God can but will not until they repent and change from their evil way.

The hope gets dimmer with the rise of the new Seriki Abobaku who lied that his path to APC was constructed by the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is not a spirit of error. He does not lead one to eat the food of his enemy neither is he cruel to lead one to eat his own vomit. Abomination! Ka ma ri!

Gbenro Olajuyigbe is the Executive Director of Emergency & Risk Alert Initiative.

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