September 17, 2021

I’m an entrepreneur, I love forensic entomology – Victoria Essien

I’m an entrepreneur, I love forensic entomology – Victoria Essien

The world is getting interested in forensic entomology because of the popularity of TV series on the subject matter according to Victoria Essien.

The Nigerian, US-based forensic entomologist, speaking about her job avowed: “I love collecting body fluids and I have been doing this for some years and never had any fears or nightmares.”

The Nigerian, who practised in the United States, owns string of businesses and is a renowned fashion entrepreneur.
In a recent Instagram chat, via her page Viclinlove, she recounted how she made an inroad into the business world.

Her recount: “When I first started my fashion brand, Victoria Riverson, I didn’t know how to design. I worked with other manufacturers. Now I know more about designs than I did a few years ago. This has been the game changer for me.”

Now a successful brand, Viclinlove avowed that with benefit of hindsight, she could have started her fashion business earlier.

Responding to another question from one of her followers, she explained that she decided to establish her businesses in the United States “because I live here and my life is here.”

Despite being acclaimed as a successful entrepreneur, Viclinlove claimed entrepreneurship wasn’t an easy journey. “Going to school and running a business wasn’t easy, but because of my determination, I was able to keep the business running and still graduated with a 3.82 CGPA.”

For her, being a business person has been an interesting journey and satisfactory, especially given how she had started her fashion enterprise as a private business that gradually grew into a famous brand.

For up-and-coming entrepreneurs, Viclinlove urged them to keep their eyes on the ball.

“No matter what you are going through, don’t quit, just keep pushing,” she advised.