September 3, 2021

I will be fulfilled when gospel artistes are paid like secular artistes – Endless Joy

I will be fulfilled when gospel artistes are paid like secular artistes – Endless Joy

When you think of talented gospel artiste, Endless Joy  words like creative, talented and anointed comes to mind.

The Imo State born worship leader has averred that she would be fulfilled when gospel artistes start making money like their secular counterparts.

“I will be fulfilled when I start seeing gospel artistes making the kind of money secular musicians make through their songs, endorsements and performances. Though we are almost there,  but work still needs to be done.

“I will also like to see oneness, love, managerial growth in the industry. I will like to see a good mentorship system which will help upcoming artistes during their growing stage like we do see in the secular music sector”.

On what made her become a gospel singer, the US based vocalist said:”I am  passionate about  blessing God with the voice he gifted me. I am also fulfilled using it to minister, lift and edify the body of Christ”.

Speaking further, the beautiful singer noted that gospel artistes are not meant to engage in praise-singing.

“Gospel artistes are not supposed to engage in praise singing of men. We are expected to worship God ( only) using our gift.It is disheartening that most of the gospel artistes are now derailing because of materialistic tendencies which doesn’t correlate with our mandate which is enshrined in the book of Matthew 6:33.We are expected to worship God alone while God makes all things come through for us.

Gospel artistes should stand firm upon their core mandate and stop selling their gifts for money like Esau did with his birthright”.