September 20, 2021

I want to see Whitemoney, Liquorose, other BBNaija stars in Nollywood – Cutekimani, Adekeye

I want to see Whitemoney, Liquorose, other BBNaija stars in Nollywood – Cutekimani, Adekeye

Media personality Esther Adekeye (Cutekimani) has expressed her wish to see Whitemoney, Pere, other BBNaija stars exploring Nollywood.

She made this known following a statement by veteran actor Emeka Rollas, who posted on his social media pages that the Nigerian filmmaking industry had become a dumping site for BBNaija stars.

Addressing the matter while in talks with journalists, Adekeye said there’s nothing wrong in seeing BBNaija stars in films, as she maintained that Nollywood would soon welcome new talents as soon as the ongoing ‘Shine Ya Eye’ show ends.

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“Already, I’m rooting to seeing Whitemoney, Pere, Angel, Liquorose, JMK, amongst others featuring in Nollywood films,” she stated as she queried that “if their faces will sell the films they are featured in, then why can’t they be welcomed?”

“Bisola Aiyeola is a very talented actor, likewise Diane Russet, Erica, Tobi Bakre, JMK, Liquorose, Whitemoney, Pere, and even Tega. So, should we now say that because they are a product of a particular platform, we should not let them thrive in their chosen fields? Most of them even went into the house because they wanted an opportunity to show the world that they are good actors, and we can’t take that away from them. We can’t say because they are products of BBNaija, they shouldn’t be welcomed into the industry. No!” Adekeye added.

The revered public relations consultant, however, advised Nollywood stakeholders to seek collaboration with BBNaija stars instead of competing against them.

“BBNaija stars have leverages that can be taken advantage of, likewise Nollywood stakeholders. If they see the industry as a competition ground, one person could suffer, which to me, is unhealthy for the Industry,” she advised.