By George Onmonya Daniel

I see some Nigerians are emotionally charged and all riled up over Femi Fani-Kayode’s defection from PDP to the APC. The fact is that the man does not owe you anything. Nothing.

It’s ok to be all emotional and irrational. Most of you screaming here never liked him anyway. For years you have attacked him on social media even when he fought the APC, fought on the side of Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho. Even some of us that are his friends have been targeted.

You want FFK to fight your perceived enemies, yet most of you have no single respect for him whatever he does. You want someone to sacrifice his life for you even though you are not willing to sacrifice anything. 

FFK is one of the most hated people online, whether he is doing something good or something that some of you don’t agree with. When he was in jail how many of you came out to ask that the government should set him free?

Now all of a sudden you are saddened by his defection. You are mad by his defection. You are sharing videos of what he said one time or the other. Even times change and people change with time.

Didn’t you see all the other politicians at Buhari’s son wedding? You think politicians are enemies. They are neighbours, their children marry each other. They live side by side in Maitama, Asokoro and Aso Drive. They defect to any party anytime they want in Nigeria. Why has Femi Fani-Kayode become the target of hate?

Those who want him to sacrifice his life on their behalf and fight the war for them are disappointed, those who hate that he joined the very people they thought he is fighting are disappointed.

How you choose to be seen is your prerogative, who you choose as your friends is your prerogative, and the political party and people you choose to associate with at any time is your business.

Nigerian political climate is what it is, Nigerian political culture is as it is, why are you acting as if you don’t know? Yeah, you don’t know now because FFK is involved.

George Onmonya Daniel is the Publisher of New Issues Magazine

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