By Dr Boston Edogi

Being born into the world by two parents or a single parent should be a thing of joy in the eyes of God but that may not be the case in the views of man. But this is not the case in most of the time. For example, a child that is born into a rich family is categorized as being born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth because all the child’s needs are being met without any level of struggle or want.

Children of rich or affluent parents attend the best schools: starting from kindergarten to Tertiary institutions (universities) that are located at home or abroad: in countries like the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Australia and others.

When rich or middle-class children grow up to school age, their parents pampers them with all manners of attention including gifts (expensive gifts).  In some instances, rich parents give exotic cars as birthday or marriage presents to their grown children including countless enjoyable overseas vacation trips.

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Whereas a child that is born into poverty or a poor home environment, finds him or herself faced with tough setbacks. A child that is beclouded with pains/sufferings that is associated with day-to-day survival perceives life as being unfair, cruel, challenging and unbearable for sustainability.

On the other hand, children born into rich families, usually enjoys all the goodies of life. These make some children of rich parents to be very proud. This sometimes makes some rich parents to openly practice segregation/demonstrate slave-master mentality, lacks any sense of empathy for children or adults that are struggling to survive or sometimes find themselves at the edge of being homeless, hungry and don’t have clean clothes and shoes to wear or out of school including attending vocational institutions, because of lack of affordability to meet basic essentials of  life as defined by Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs (Philological  needs, Safety needs,  Belongingness & love needs, Esteem needs and Self-actualization).

Most of the time, Poor parents found themselves in the path of living in rat race condition (always in the presence of lack).

These are some Rich Dad, Poor Dad familiar quotes:

+Winners are not afraid of losing….

+You’re only poor if you give up hope……

+Emotions are what makes human being breakdown……..

+The root of money is the cause of all evil….

+I did rather embrace change than stay in the past……

+If you are the type of person that can stand pain, you will give up faster in every life’s challenges……

#What are some takeaways of Rich Dad Poor Dad#

* Keep managing your God-given talent and never relent (don’t give up)

* While we struggle to leave ethnicity/tribalism, race behind our thoughts or reasoning or rat race behind.

* Shun (shy away) fear and greed.

* Take calculated Risks

* Continue to be motivated regardless of your weaknesses.

* Avoid laziness/dependency mentality- don’t be too dependent on people to survive daily or for a prolonged period of time.

* Encourage us on why you must Build a business and always remain as an employee.

* The Rich don’t work for money, but money work for them. They are getting rich by owning assets and reducing liabilities.

* Condemning money is a trained defense for being poor.

* The journey to be financially independent is not about how much money you make is about how much you impact the needy in your family and others. Be a philanthropist if you consider yourself to be rich or wealthy.

Regardless of all the setbacks or huddles that kids of poor parents are beclouded with(suffering from birth), some poor children grow out of the “path of despicable lack” in Ajegunle (a.k.a AJ) or in Southside Chicago(Holland Chicago or Southside of Brooklyn, New York and Bronx NY), do unconsciously catapult themselves to the path of economic independence/sustainability, including raising their own nuclear family.

It has been recorded widely that some kids of poor family background maintain existing family values, quite disciplined, focused, tenacious, attain excellent education up to PhD level in different disciplines and high level of professionalism in the workplace, served in the Armed Forces and some kids from poor backgrounds are known to have attained the rank of two to four Star General in their birth countries as well as adopted countries where they have proven to do well and excelled, establishes business of their own, maintained stable families, and many other positive attributes.

Additionally, some of these disadvantaged children: teenagers and young adults are always in collusion with the law due to various crimes that they commit singularly or in collaboration with their peers. The crimes they commit results to some of them being incarcerated and the sentences that they receive depend on the level of their crime.

When they get out of imprisonment, they find it difficult to get back to society’s mainstream including finding a reasonable employment due to the individual’s incarceration record.

Honestly speaking, my message is to minimize the thinking that Poor kids are stuck in life. This ugliness in poor children thoughts should be discarded or debunked.

In my view, it is not an overstatement for me to submit that some children of poor backgrounds chose to blame their failures on others including their parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts and in most cases instances. This category of children blames society for their failures but themselves.

Moreover,  these individuals found themselves in the alley of “Dependency Mentality(always depending on friends/family for a living) or in the mindset of haplessness/worthlessness(hopeless)

Furthermore, some poor people’s children forget their past when they attain success in life. Some poor kids who later became rich adults will make statement like this, “nobody assisted or helped me to get to where I’m today” This is not true. Statement like this is made out of ignorance or self-pride/ quick to self-promotion mentality.

Indeed, everyone that gets to his or her present State of comfortable lifestyle also got a push from someone. It doesn’t matter how big or small that support was, you should learn to appreciate that person who supported you when you were in dire need.

As a believer, this kind of assistance is called Unmerited Divine favor from God through a Destiny Helper who in some instances could be a family member, friend or unknown individual, philanthropist or an organization.

This article to some people, will perceive the writer to being biased if he fails to include these facts in this article, that a greater percentage of rich people’s kids: about 80 per cent made it in life (strive) on their own, thought they definitely received strong foundational support from their rich parents.

The remaining 20 per cent of children of rich parents fall on the cracks, for example like doing drugs, gets into collusion with the law, become jail birds or imprisoned, drops out of school, inability to keep their businesses or maintain their own nuclear families.

Children of rich parents should be equally encouraged to stay out of troubles and make their parents to feel proud, not to make their parents feel that they caused their kids to fail,  hence removing any feeling of guilt or emptiness.

In closing, my overall message is to remove or delimit self-imprisonment that prevents someone to move forward in life.

Those in the position to assist the needy should not pride themselves because they’re fortunate to have everything at their reach without sweating or hardwork. It is therefore meaningful for everyone to understand that no condition in life is Permanent: whether we are Rich or Poor.

Dr. Boston Edogi, PhD, Public Opinion Contributor/Organization Leadership, wrote from Surprise Arizona, USA.

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