Kevin Chukwuebuka Ezeokoli popularly known as Kevin Eze, brand strategist and Pan-African entrepreneur with brands in the Food, Tech and Entertainment industries is out to unite Africa through food at the upcoming African Food and Drinks festival.

With his partners at African Food Network, the largest community of African Food lovers on the internet; they would be hosting an event which celebrates African culture through food and will be kicking off its maiden edition on September 26 at Tobix Gardens & Park, Abuja, Nigeria.

What exactly is this African Food Festival?

African Food Festival was created with the sole aim to celebrate African culture through food, it’s a periodical festival which would be done in different cities around the world to promote and commemorate black culture with food and drinks from the rich continent of Africa

What is the state of African cuisine in general?

Africa generally is slowly getting more exposure and acknowledgement in the International community and it’s being a long time coming that we get the credits we deserve for contributing immensely to the world and global economies at large. African cuisine is also mildly getting attention too but needs more drivers and promotion, for centuries our cuisine has been a major part of our DNA and has kept our forefathers alive, I’ll say without cuisine there won’t be any Africa cos food is main ingredient for human survival and functionality. Though we’re making slow progress in getting the recognition we deserve but we need more.

What inspired the African Food Festival?

For years, we at African Food Network have been passionate about promoting African food and culture, that’s the reason we had to run a festival that puts it in the fore front.

What are we to expect of the African Food Festival?

Like I said, we’re putting African food at the fore front with this festival so there would be lots of African food & drinks display from carefully selected vendors and display from the finest chefs through our chef battles, major food bloggers & influencers with games to keep the crowd busy while getting entertained with cultural displays, performance from musicians, comedians, DJs in the region

Any big names to expect?

Too many names to mention but we’re expecting the top food influencers, chefs, food bloggers to be there while getting entertained with some big-name musical & comedy acts

What sort of feedback have you received thus far?

Amazing! We’re thrilled a good number of people could get the message we’re trying to pass and envision this dream with us, quite a bit more positive response from what we expected.

What should people expect from African Food Festival next stop?

We’ve a roll out plan that includes a minimum of 3 major festival in different cities across the globe next year, but I can say with certainty; Accra, Ghana would be next.

For a lot of festivals like this funding is usually a problem, how did you go around securing finances for the first edition of the African Food Festival?

Well, getting funding was difficult especially with the timeframe we had to pull this event through but we’re thankful to quite a few who saw this dream with us and decided to support us even at the conception stage.

What is your long-term vision for African Food Festival?

We aim very high with our goals and vision for this festival, from our future roll out plan it’s certainly going to be the largest gathering of black people for food and can be mentioned alongside a few top world class festivals.

What does the future hold for African Food Network?

The future is indeed bright for African Food Network, we’re here to stay and build a legacy that would be stand for generations to come, if we as Africans can’t come together to promote and honor our food and culture no one would, we’re here to be the major drivers of this goal.

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