A biochemist's 11-year research on body fluid as medicine
Dr Marcel Ejiofor(5th right); his father Chief Ejiofor, and other relations and guests displaying his product and book at a briefing.

By Chimaobi Nwaiwu, NNEWI

After 11 years of research, on autologous and analogous body fluid therapy, a biochemist and member Board of Trustees, and South East Coordinator, National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medicine Practitioners, Dr. Marcel Ejiofor, has declared that one’s blood, stool, urine and saliva, are perfect cure for every disease, if the causal agent of that disease is found in any of the body fluids.

Ejiofor, who is also a member of Nigeria Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, said that diseases of all kinds could be cured with a patient’s blood if the causal agent of the disease can be found in the blood, urine, stool or in the saliva; only if right method application is applied.

A graduate of Biochemistry from Chukwuma Odumegwu Ojukwu University Igbariam, Anambra State, Ejiofor had, in June 2021, while presenting the work at the conference held by Nigerian Society of Chemical and Molecular Biology, at Utman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto, Sokoto State, disclosed that the full details of the research were contained in his book on the research.


The research

Addressing newsmen during the presentation of the book, entitled, “A possible cure for every disease, a hand book of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, for Schools and Health Centres”, and one of his products “Dr M. A. Ejiofor Curato Vino” at Aguleri, Anambra East Local Government Anambra State, he disclosed he started the research work in 2010, as an Industrial Training student.

He explained that in conducting the research, he used two HIV-infected rabbits to demonstrate autologous blood therapy, awhile using anti-oxidant for the side effect after the experiment was conducted.

After 30 days of the experiment, he observed that one of the rabbits that underwent autologous blood therapy tested negative for HIV virus, while the other rabbit that was used as a control remained positive for the virus after one month.

“However, I extended my research using other body fluids and in conclusion I found out that the cure for every disease is simply the body fluid, when the causal agent of that disease is found in the body fluid of the patient, namely blood, urine, stool and saliva,” he said.

He said that the interesting thing about bioceutical industry, and why he decided to delve into the area, is that it is an industry in which the raw material can be acquired here in Nigeria, adding that his engagement in the area will not only help, but at the same time boost the economy of Nigeria.

“If I had engaged myself in pharmaceutical industry, most of the chemicals based drugs or pharmaceuticals or chemicals used in production would have been imported. That would not increase or boost the economy of Nigeria, but depletes it. Hence the reason I entered into Bioceuticals industry and production.”

Making comparison between Pharmaceutical and Bioceutical industry, he said, “Both of them have healing ability. Bio means life or living, while Ceutical has to do with refined healing and Bioceutical drugs means, drugs from living things or living organism.

“Pharmaceuticals are inorganic medicine, chemical or synthetic medicine and most of them contain little or no vitamins, proteins, and minerals, while all Bioceuticals are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, which are the primary components of living things, and therefore, drugs from living things.”

He lamented that the gap between industry and research is too wide, just as the gap between research and external community, explaining that it was for that reason that he decided to publish the research work in form of a book to get to the public.

“Why I said that the gap between the industry, research and external community is wide is because most of the research made is only read by lecturers and students who attended classes and conferences, and have the books of abstract. Others hardly search to know the outcome of a science conference once the conference is over.

“So often, the research work is limited to lecturers, conference participants and students, but I blame those in the industry, like pharmaceutical industries and hospitals, which would apply the researches to solve human problems and fail to put them research into practice for solving others problems.

“However, to correct the anomaly those in the industrial sector ought to have representative whenever a science conference relating to their field are being held such that they can tap from it and put into practice in their various industries or health centers.”

Speaking on the advantages of studying Biochemistry and delving into Bioceuticals, he said that he stands at an advantage over some of the people he trained with because he is self-employed with some people working for him, while some of his colleagues are still looking for jobs that are not forthcoming.

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