September 23, 2021

2021 International Peace Day: DG IPCR urge military chiefs, citizens to take responsibility for insecurity

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By Victoria Ojeme and Fortune Eromosele

As Nigeria unites with the world to commemorate this year’s International Peace Day, the Director-General of the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution, IPCR, Dr. Bakut Tswah Bakut, has urged military chiefs and citizens to join hands together in taking responsibility for the current security situation in the country.

The DG made the call on the occasion of the 2021 International Day of Peace with the theme: “Recovering Better for an Equitable and Sustainable World,” held at the IPCR’s open theatre Abuja.

With the aim of ensuring national cohesion, the DG IPCR Dr. Bakut said the Institute came up with the slogan “Let us Take Responsibility,” to achieve cooperate culpability.

He opined that, “The question here is, how are we, as Nigerians, recovering from the gigantean challenges facing the country? How are our actions enabling us have an equitable and sustainable Nigeria for ourselves, our children and generations unborn?

“These include: conflicts, Covid-19 and other health related issues including cholera which recently reared its ugly head again. Natural disaster like flood and climate change, food insecurity, humanitarian challenges, human rights abuses, youth unemployment.

“The nation and indeed the military are doing their best in tackling the conflicts and challenges of COVID-19. I hereby use this opportunity to congratulate you all and wish you well. But remember we have not reached Uhuru.

“This is why IPCR came up with the slogan: “let us take take responsibility” Wherever you are: take an action to stop these violent conflict, take responsibility in your family, take responsibility in your community take responsibility as a civil society organization.

“Take responsibility as a government official take responsibility as a private sector champion. If we don’t act and take responsibility, remember that if there is no peace, there cannot be any development and business activities.”

In the same vein, Acting Director Information Management, Department of Civil-Duty Affairs Nigerian Army, Col. Ogunsanya Kayode, defined peace building as a continuous process that involves the efforts of government, military, paramilitary agencies working in line with an established desire to ensure good governance, human security reconciliation, reconstruction and the rule of law.
Explaining further, he said “Forces that form essential roles in the general process of peace building with each agencies focusing on responsibilities secluded to their national mandate. This ensures a simultaneous and professional approach towards improving existing peace.
“To this end, the contribution of our security forces towards peace building in any environment includes the physical security of lives and property as well as other statutory roles. The Nigerian Army in particular will continue making efforts to make peace in all areas affected by insecurity.”