Victor Louis Adegunloye

Victor Louis Adegunloye, is one of the youngest CEOs in Nigeria. Before  age 27 he had become the Founder and CEO of a Cryptocurrency business outfit popularly known as House of Olympus Limited. His resilience in life and passion for job creation has brought him thus far. Victor has deep knowledge in building business from scratch to sizeable level since he graduated from the University of Ibadan.

He is into direct sales, a marketing and leadership development professional. He has a vision to help over 1000 people earn over $1000 weekly without giving their money to anybody.

In early 2019, he built a business team of over 2000 people globally in less than two months, helping over 300 people across the globe earn financial freedom beyond their widest imagination.

Mr Adegunloye is one of the few individuals who is passionate about helping others attain financial freedom by teaching them how to maximize opportunities in Crypocurrency space.

In this interview, he revealed how those interested in Cryptocurrency can defeat financial shackles  and gain freedom.


What does your company, House of Olympus Limited do, and how has it helped Nigerian youths?

House of Olympus Limited  is a community of  Crypto enthusiasts and experts looking to empower people towards financial freedom. We do this by sharing strategies and insights into life changing opportunities in the Crypto space. We have a system that helps you make profits even while you sleep or focus on other areas of life with little or no knowledge, and without giving your money to anybody.

We have not only helped to equip and empower the youths with relevant information and tools to set themselves free from the shackles of what I call the wages and salary mentality mindset. We have also done the same for the older generation that have been stuck there. We have helped bring many mind blowing ideas that needed a financial backing to fruition. Among other numerous things.

Government the other time, frowned at Cryptocurrency operations in Nigeria, what is the situation now?

Nigerian Government, through the CBN, after banning Cryptocurrency transactions through licensed banks in July, announced a pilot scheme for creating a new government-backed digital currency. This ban, I strongly believe, was because a lot of people were being taken advantage of as a result of the knowledge gap, which we as a company have bridged.

However, these measures did not dampen the popularity of Crypto assets that continued to rise due to the constant demand by other major world countries.

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Recently, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular in Nigeria.

Experts prefer to send back remittances in Cryptocurrency to insulate against fluctuation. Also, rising inflation and falling values of local currency surge the popularity of Cryptocurrencies

As a Founder and CEO of a company, what is the vision of your company and your passion?

The vision and mission of House of Olympus is to help over 1000 Nigerians earn over $1000 weekly without giving their money to anybody through Cryptocurrency and direct selling.

I am passionate about helping people achieve financial freedom; which I have been doing for well over 7 years.

After your graduation from the University of Ibadan, how did you become a market professional?

I started during my university days from 200 level, and I kept on building my knowledge base after many sleepless nights.  It paid off even before and after my graduation. It was an easy street after that, because it is something I had been consistent with for many years. That is why I tell youths about consistency and dedication in everything you do.

Tell us your experience in the Cryptocurrency industry, and the uniqueness of it?

It has been a life changing experience for me, I must confess. It has helped me achieve and live the life of my childhood dreams. The biggest joy for me has been how it has helped me to alleviate many individuals from poverty and given them an option of a better life.

One unique thing about the Cryptocurrency industry is its volatility, which is a blessing when you understand it and a curse when you don’t.

Do you see Nigeria as a good market for Cryptocurrency business?

Nigeria is such a blessed nation and I am excited and proud to be a Nigerian citizen any day.

Nigeria is such a fertile ground for all kinds of businesses; Cryptocurrency is not exempted. As a matter of fact, it is the biggest market for Cryptocurrency in Africa.

How can it empower youths and create financial freedom?

It empowers youths and everybody, by giving them a major source of income if done the right way and when connected to the right community. At House of Olympus, we provide such guidance and insights into life changing opportunities in the Cryptocurrency.

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