August 15, 2021

Record Label Owners have so much to do in building the Music Industry- ChippyRecord boss, Toye

Record Label Owners have so much to do in building the Music Industry- ChippyRecord boss, Toye

By Victor Arjiromanus

Record label CEO, ChippyRecords and businessman, Okedera Ibitoye, also known as Toye has stated the role of Music record label owners must play in building the Nigerian music industry better.

According to the 25 years old record label boss, Nigeria music, which is getting global acceptance, needs to have a strong home base that will establish a better standard for the future of the industry.

Mr. Ibitoye said he ‘recognizes and appreciates the fact that Nigerian music is accepted universally, but, more work needs to be done in building the industry to have a strong home base, rather than just promoting our songs’’

‘’The music industry should adopt a standard that will help people from the grassroots, and establish a platform that will show them to the world what they have to offer. A system that will support and promote them to be better and blend to what is in vogue in the music industry worldwide’’

Toye who set up his Record label in August 2020, due to his vision to support music talents in Nigeria, and has a major artist, ‘Dagizah’ signed to the label, said, having played musical instruments for a long time, he found love in music and entertainment and decided to invest in the music business. For him, ‘the journey has been filled with ups and downs, but we learn every day and I thank God so far it has been amazing’’

Commenting on the issue of artists terminating their contracts with their record labels illegally, after reaching stardom, Toye faulted record label owners, saying, ‘it is mostly due to poor treatment meted on the artists while they were growing’’. However, he admonished artists to show humility and loyalty to the record labels they are signed to, as it is the assured way to go far in the music industry.

He said;’ impromptu recording sessions with the artist, providing security for the whole label crew are some of the challenges being faced in handling my record label. However, we are surmounting those challenges.