August 1, 2021

Megalomania and the persistent quest for self-determination in Nigeria (4)

Saying it as it is

By Douglas Anele

Frankly speaking, the present situation where Fulani caliphate colonialists whose region contributes less than fifteen percent of Nigeria’s national income dominate everybody by controlling critical levers of national security and governance architecture at the federal level is unjust and unsustainable.

Since the dawn of civilisation human beings cannot endure oppression for too long. Megalomania amongst the northern ruling class founded on Islamic theocracy combined with absence of democratic culture in nomadic Fulani communities breeds a domineering political praxis that has corroded the bond of unity amongst Nigerians from different ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Consequently an increasing number of southerners are seriously questioning the basis of Nigerian unity just the way Lt. Col. Gowon did in his first national broadcast after the July 29, 1966 revanchist coup. Specifically a critical segment of Igbo and Yoruba youths tired of the waiting and hoping endlessly for a better tomorrow see Nigeria as a theatre of the absurd.

Thus the current quest for self-determination by Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho signals that the country may have outlived its usefulness notwithstanding the dubious self-serving claim by One Nigeria apologists that we are stronger together. The country is not working for most Nigerians, including millions of uneducated, unemployed, poverty stricken talakawas and almajiris brainwashed with the odious superstitious religious opium to accept their fate as the will of Allah.

In the south non-Igbo communities,misled before the Biafran war by their Igbophobic leaders to believe that Ndigbo want to dominate them, are gradually waking up to the reality that the northern ruling cabal Isaac Adaka Boro, Kenule Saro Wiwa, Melford Okilo, Edwin Clark and others naively relied on for protection against imaginary enemies from Igboland is only interested in exploiting the oil and gas resources in their land mostly for its members.

Chief Awolowo thought that if he and his fellow Yoruba joined forces with Gowon to defeat Biafra, it would be a win-win situation for his people. Yet although the Indigenisation Decree of 1972 favoured the Yoruba and many of them filled vacant positions left by easterners when the civil war began, after it ended Gowon allegedly reneged on his promise to Awolowo– making him Prime Minister – by shifting his proposed handover date to a democratically elected government from 1974 to 1976 before he was toppled on July 29, 1975.

Now, Bola Ahmed Tinubu despite his exaggerated political sagacity apparently did not learn from Awolowo’s error. He seems interested in contesting for president in 2023, and is banking on Buhari’s support to actualise his presidential ambition. This explains why he led the dominant group in Yoruba political class and intelligentsia to mobilise votes for Buhari in 2015 after allegedly excoriating him as an ethnic bigot twelve years earlier 2003 in a leaked conversation with an American spy who posed as a US consul-general.

Without that support Buhari would have lost in 2015 and 2019 presidential elections. Tinubu and his acolytes are hoping that Buhari would reciprocate in 2023 since one good turn deserves another. However, like late Chief M.K.O. Abiola who, after helping his friend, Babangida, to become military head of state was betrayed at the last minute Tinubu might unwittingly be setting himself up for the same fate because there is no guarantee that Buhari will not dump him at a critical moment when it would be impossible to salvage the situation.

To buttress this, recently some northerners are already insisting that the north will use its contrived demographic strength to ensure that Buhari is succeeded by another northerner in 2023. If Buhari betrays Tinubu, many people will celebrate it as well-deserved punishment for a political Judas Iscariot.

The middle-belt played a very ignoble role by participating in the pogroms against Ndigbo in the 1960s. A sizeable percentage of the federal army that fought against Biafra was from the old Benue and Plateau states led by Yakubu Gowon and T.Y. Danjuma. Presently several communities there have been serially devastated by murderous Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen. Danjuma shamelessly betrayed his Supreme Commander, Aguiyi-Ironsi. He has complained bitterly about the killings and destruction in the middle-belt; but his belated jeremiads will change nothing.

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Undoubtedly the biggest disappointment of all is the group of myopic, self-centred and naïve Igbo political leaders who, in spite of their impressive educational qualifications and exposure, allowed Fulani caliphate colonialists gain the upper hand politically from the First Republic to the present time.

For instance it is difficult to understand why Dr. Azikiwe, the foremost Nigerian nationalist, accepted to be ceremonial president while Ahmadu Bello’s stooge, Tafawa Balewa, got the superior office of prime minister. Again in 1979 his party, the Nigerian Peoples Party (NPP), played second fiddle to the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) led by Alhaji Shehu Shagari with the much better qualified Dr. Alex Ekwueme as vice-president.

Since 1999, Igbo politicians especially from the south-east geopolitical zone have shamelessly subordinated themselves to Fulani domination. These efulefus, due to the morsels they are eating from the sumptuous table of their Fulani masters, have consistently betrayed the collective interests of Ndigbo.

There is credible information that in 1998 at the presidential primaries of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) held in Jos a handful of Igbo politicians like Orji Uzor Kalu and Jim Nwobodo betrayed Dr.Ekwueme who, given his sterling personal attributes and professional accomplishments, was better qualified than Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to lead Nigeria at the time.

It is disheartening that several members of the Igbo political and business elite have been promoting Fulani caliphate colonialists’ interests to the detriment of Igboland. The ugly situation has reached unprecedented level in this phlegmatic Buhari administration. 

Ministers of Igbo extraction, agbataekee governors, state and federal legislators joined by avaricious Igbo businessmen seem to be competing with Garba Shehu, Bashir Ahmad, Femi Adesina and Lai Mohammed in genuflecting before Buhari and projecting him as performing well for Igboland whereas an overwhelming majority of Ndigbo believe he is the worst Nigerian leader ever, which is why IPOB’s quest for Biafra resonates strongly in core Igboland and its neighbours with sizeable aboriginal Igbo population. Therefore any Igbo supporting Buhari’s government sheepishly is suffering from iberiberism, a malignant form of stupidity and self-abnegation characteristic of useful idiots.

Dogmatic advocates of One Nigeria are really deceiving themselves if they think Nigeria cannot break up or that using force to suppress agitations for self-determination can solve the problem. In fact the use of brute force without addressing in a civilised manner the root causes of discontentment with Nigeria will inadvertently lead to the incubation and emergence of more vicious, belligerent and determined agitators in future.

Virtually every commentator on the current situation believes, rightly, that Buhari’s grossly incompetent handling of Nigeria’s diversity is fuelling demand for self-determination. But only few have identified the most critical remote cause of the problem, which is relentless muslim pursuit of global domination based on islamic theocracy.

Remember, several countries in the middle-east and North Africa were not muslim-majority countries originally. Yet through a combination of complex economic and social factors complemented by military conquest spanning centuries they became islamic states.

The absurd quest by muslims to dominate the world is rooted in islamic scriptures. Accordingly, Nigerian muslims led by the Fulani will continue to use every means necessary to turn the most populous black nation in the world into an islamic state. The history of Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Egypt indicate that if the decidedly pro-Fulani policies and actions of Buhari’s government are allowed to continue and become entrenched, perhaps less than a century from now Nigeria will become an Islamic state because Fulani caliphate foot soldiers will not stop until they succeed.

The most potent obstacle on the way is sustained determined agitation by aggrieved Nigerians for self-determination, which is why the Fulani ruling power block is doing everything to liquidate Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho. The most important question facing us now is: Nigeria, to be or not to be? Whatever the final answer, this generation of Nigerians has a rendezvous with history.


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