August 26, 2021

Meet Jessica Chinonso Chikwem- CEO, CrystalOlla Skincare

A Mass Communication graduate, Jessica Chinonso Chikwem. The 4th child from the family of 6,having had her primary and secondary education in lagos, Nigeria.

Jessica lived in London with her family for years before she relocated to USA where she presently works as a certified Nursing assistant and also into businesses of which Skincare is one of them.

Jessica was a victim of a bad skincare product which caused severe damage to her skin,that was what prompt her to research and learn about skincare repair & restoration.
After restoring her skin,she decided to venture into skincare to help others that find themselves in such situations to get solution and make them comfortable in their natural skin.
To provide quality & organic skincare services necessitated her drive to start off her own skincare business ‘ CrystalOlla Skincare’ an 100% organic based service that restore, repair and rejuvenate all body types.

It is pertinent to note that CrystalOlla brand has been existence for 2years with a remarkable testimony to show for it.

As a registered brand in Nigeria and USA, the brand pride itself with quality and not quantity; Jessica noted.

Happily married with a beautiful daughter,Jessica loves traveling and discovering new things.