Plastic surgery has a long history of being misunderstood, it saw a boom in popularity among celebrities in the 1980s, then the late ’90s and early 2000s saw it take a dubious journey through the world of reality television. The power and positivity of plastic surgery can often be lost within the misinformation and myths that surround it. Dr. Catherine Chang is an Ivy-league educated plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills and, she has encountered many myths about her chosen profession throughout her career. Here, Dr. Catherine Chang dismantles three of the most prevailing myths about plastic surgery.

  1. Plastic surgery is vain

Dr. Catherine Chang shares that the myth that she encounters the most is that plastic surgery is purely done for aesthetic reasons. According to Dr. Catherine Chang, the misconception that only the vein undergoes plastic surgery and the procedures that they have are unnecessary and indulgent is as prevailing as it is damaging. She explains that in reality, plastic surgery can be corrective and life-altering for those who require this type of surgery to repair or restore their skin.

  1. Plastic surgery is only for women

Many of us have a preconceived notion about exactly who undergoes plastic surgery and what they look like. Thanks to the media’s portrayal of plastic surgery, an image of a bleached blonde rich Hollywood housewife will often come to mind. Dr. Catherine Chang shares that this image is not based on reality, as it is not only women who seek out plastic surgery. Throughout her career, Dr. Catherine Chang has helped many men restore their confidence and benefit from the restorative power of plastic surgery.

  1. Plastic surgery is too expensive

According to Dr. Catherine Chang, the myth that only the very rich can afford to undergo plastic surgery keeps many people from pursuing a procedure they are longing for because they believe that they won’t be able to pay for it. This misconception is built on the early developments of the practice before modern technology streamlined the process of plastic surgery and made it both more affordable and accessible. People on average salaries are now able to undergo reasonably priced Botox injections on their lunch break.

Dr. Catherine Chang believes that by removing the misconceptions and myths that surround plastic surgery we can help more and more people to embrace and enhance their natural beauty through its innovations and advancements.

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