August 2, 2021

Breaking: Italian police arrests suspected mafia members

Breaking: Italian police arrests suspected mafia members

Italian police has arrested several suspected Mafiosi whom they believe are active in the health care sector, officials said on Monday following dawn raids in several provinces.

They arrested 17 people suspected of being members of the Calabrian Mafia ‘Ndrangheta. Nine were jailed, according to a statement by the financial police in Reggio Calabria.

The police also seized control of companies with a total value of around 12 million euros (14.2 million dollars).

The suspects are accused of Mafia association, corruption, and extortion, among other charges.

The raids were carried out in the provinces of Reggio Calabria, Rome, and Milan, among others.

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Members of the Mafia allegedly influenced the way the Calabrian health authority awarded contracts and obtained a contract to provide cleaning services in hospitals and administrative facilities.

The suspects also allegedly received vaccinations against Covid-19 earlier than they were supposed to, according to Italy’s prioritization system.

The police also placed a regional councillor under house arrest for corruption, among other charges.

The politician was elected last year, according to the ANSA news agency. (dpa/NAN)

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