August 5, 2021

#BBNAIJA: I still feel quilty for my grandma’s death — Angel breaks down in tears

Big Brother Naija Season 6 Housemate, Saga, an engineer, has revealed during his Thursday diary session that he spent a lot of money coming to Big Brother’s House.

By Damilola Ogunsakin

Big Brother Naija Season 6, Shine Ya Eye edition housemate Angel broke down in tears on Wednesday while talking about her life struggles and Arin was there to console her.

The 21-year-old writer was spotted discussing with Arin and Maria in the garden.

Angel said she feels quilty for her grandma’s death and thought coming to big brother’s house would help take the pain away but she still feels the same.

Angel said; “I still feel quilty for my grandma’s death. Even when I wake up here, I feel the pain.

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“I thought coming here will take away the pain even if it’s a little but I still feel that way. Sometimes I ask myself if it’s something I did that made God take her away from me.

“Maybe because am older now, there is a lot of self awareness, so I just ask myself, ‘Why did you do that? Why were you lashing out so bad?’”

“I’ve tried different therapies and I feel nothing will ever change.”

Arin told Angel it’s okay to cry because it’s tough but she should stop feeling quilty and forgive herself because she (angel) was still young.

She told Angel “How could you have treated her? What could you have done? You yelled at her when she pooped on herself, okay?”

“Whatever is happening to you is literally best case scenario, it could be worse.

“I have not met a stronger person, your mom tried to abort you but she had you. You took care of your grandma when she was dementia, you were depressed, you were sucidal, your first and only boyfriend died.

“What adult your age have not experienced, you have experienced twice of it.”

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