August 9, 2021

43,000 Christains killed by Islamic Jihadists in Nigeria — Intersociety alleges


By Chinonso Alozie 

The International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law, has alleged that 43,000 Christains were killed in Nigeria in the past twelve years. 

This was contained in a statement to newsmen today Owerri, by the  Chairman Intersociety, Emeka UmeagbalasI, alongside Ndidiamaka Bernard, Chidimma Udegbunam, Samuel Kamanyaoku and Japheth Yaji. 

The group alleged the killings of Christians among others were as a result of the  propagation of radical Islamism in Nigeria. 

According to Intersociety, “The total number of ‘direct’ Christian deaths since 2009 or from July 2009 to July 2021; a period of twelve years, is independently put at no fewer than 43,000.

The figure arises from the total jihadist killing of not less than 72,000 defenseless citizens. The killings had emanated from the propagation of radical Islamism in Nigeria or any part thereof. 

“The total number of moderate Muslims killed by Jihadists in the same past twelve years is independently put at 29,000. Of the no fewer than 43,000 Christian deaths, 20% or over 8,600 deaths are members of the Church of Brethren in Nigeria or EYN. 

“The 43,000 Christian deaths occurred following systematic and coordinated attacks majorly targeted at Christians by radical Islamists or Islamic Jihadists and their collaborators (‘esprit de jihad’) in the Nigerian security forces.”

They continued: “The Nigerian Jihadists also sparsely and collaterally target moderate Muslims as collateral mistakes or punishments of those collaborating with the ‘unbelievers’ or in revenge for state actor attacks against their targets, or  for purpose of enforcement of Islamic Sharia law or code. 

“Independently speaking, too, the Islamic Jihadists and their ‘esprit de jihad’ in the Nigerian security forces have been responsible for at least 18,500 Christian deaths arising from enforced disappearances, or those abducted and most unlikely to return alive.”

It was their view that, “The 18,500 jihadist captivity slain Christians are out of estimated 26,000 of such deaths since 2009, put by a UN Agency in 2019 at “22,500”. Generally speaking, the total number of defenseless Nigerians abducted by the Jihadists since 2009 is put at 36,000, out of which 18,500 are Christians who are most unlikely to return alive.”

“While most of the Muslims abducted by Jihadists in Nigeria are later released unconditionally to their families, most of their Christian counterparts are killed in captivity or forcefully converted to Islam.

A typical case in point was the abduction of 276 Chibok Girls by BH on 14-15 April, 2014. Apart from 217 of them belonging to the Church of Brethren in Nigeria (EYN), they are still held and have been forcefully converted to Islam and married off  by the Jihadists,”Intersociety said. 

Vanguard News Nigeria