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By Emma Amaize

NIGERIA Cannot Continue Like This, NCC-LIT, (pronounced NCC-Light), a nonviolent people -powered political movement, has triggered a plan for the electorate to sack purported 5000 wicked leaders of  All Progressives Congress, APC, and Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, holding 200 million Nigerians hostage with evil leadership through the ballot box in 2023.

Global Coordinator of NCC-LIT, founded by journalists, civil society groups and professionals, Comrade Tony Akeni Le Moin, who spoke to Sunday Vanguard on the governance model, said: “There are  200 million Nigerian captives of these bad APC and PDP leaders, 2023 is the time to set ourselves free, we have rolled out a people-powered plan called NCC-LIT’s Resident Democracy to this effect. We are mobilizing nationwide for Nigerians to do the needful and I can tell you that people’s eyes are being opened like never before.”

“Throughout Nigeria, they are only 5000 APC and PDP slave masters. Even less, the evil architects and masterminds who have brought Nigeria to her chronic ruins. That is, if you add the president, his cabinet co-sailors and treasury pirates that are heads of government agencies, 36 governors and their greed- blinded zealots and hatchet fronts.

“That represents an average of 135 bad political leaders per each of Nigeria’s 36 states and Abuja Federal Capital. These are self-serving politicians without conscience presently on assignment to pull politicians of the same feathers with a dragnet into the APC boat with two incentives. To cover up each other’s heinous treasury atrocities against the people of Nigeria, and to keep bleeding and plunging Nigeria into catastrophic ruin profitable to only themselves.

“These less than 5,000 physically fragile, weak and wicked men who cannot cover a 50 -meter race without slumping to death or third-degree faint hold us 200 million strong Nigerians, our children and their unborn children down in slave chains of poverty, blighting foreign debts, terrorist bloodshed, the ransom industry of bandits, killer herdsmen and a plague of blood flood since 1999.

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“If in 2023, Nigerians decide to sack these 5000 bad leaders, an average of 135 wicked political bandits per state, with our votes and a determined nationwide polls policing vigilante network, uproot them from public office and give them alternative employment outside public treasury, Nigeria will be more developed and dazzling with stunning prosperity for our citizens than some of the best European countries in not many years.

“First is for enough Nigerians to stand up together to say enough is enough and mean it. By ensuring that the 2023 scheme of the wicked who have led Nigeria into the present lake of blood, flood, fires of poverty, anguish of genocides and misery of misrule, APC, fail and crumble under a superior united people powered political plan. It is this plan that NCC-LIT calls Resident Democracy like I said earlier.

“Unfortunately, we have been 200 million captives whose only response to our shackles and the chains on our children’s waist are loud empty trumpets of wailing, award-winning criticisms, boneless beautiful essays and articles of lamentations without action.

“That and the language of surrender, the language that ‘APC’ has already won the 2023 elections by landslide! The pathetic, self-imprisoning language that 2023 is already over two whole years even before the voting begins must stop.

“On the country and ironically, if we close ranks and work hard together – and there is still time – there will be absolutely no APC or PDP in Nigeria after 2023!*

“All that is required is for us to have a superior plan and change our language of surrender before the game begins. That superior plan lies in us entrenching the ‘resident democracy’ model of governance and manifesto in the broken hearts of Nigerians and flag its incomparable beauty against the political feces of APC and PDP for two decades.

“Then it will be over for them like sheer magic,” Comrade Le Moin said.

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