July 17, 2021

With a cosmic wave approaching, KomzEE is ready to take the industry on new heights

With a cosmic wave approaching, KomzEE is ready to take the industry on new heights

I’m a believer and what sets me apart from other artistes is basic as I AM KOMZEE, I AM ME AND NOBODY ELSE CAN EVER BE KOMZEE AS I AM A LIMITED EDITION” says Eloho Mavis Akporie popularly known by his stage name as KomzEE.

With the fusion of AFROBEAT and DANCEHALL as his bedrock for his musical artistry he combines basic elements from both genres proportionally till it comes to life and this rare state of genius ability has been put together in his new project titled, Cosmic Wave. KOMZEE’s, COSMIC WAVE is basically an experience for a period of time which brought about the ReBirth of the STAR coming to the limelight bringing out Inspirations from other DIMENSIONS to serve SOUL desiring Sounds.

Adding more insights to the inspiration behind the EP he shares, “I personally encountered series of events over a period of time and I realized later on that the universe and the unseen forces holding everything was trying to reveal some glimpse of reality and it’s truth cutting across heartbreaks, backstabs, the selections or better still choices we make.”

He worked with Producer, Premium whom he has had a decade relationship with on this project admonishing that his talent since then till now can only get better as he’s hardworking and creative. KomzEE’s musical journey is one of passion, hustle and diligence which is evident in his commitment and his catch phase, “I don’t play when it’s business and I don’t do business when it’s playtime.”

With the future at sight he attests to it stating,“I see myself dropping couple or more Albums that would be bagging awards a decade straight. Yeah, I’m pretty confident when I say that because my Ambition is way on another level and I also want the Brand “KomzEE” everywhere even as it’s tiny little steps but we are moving by God’s grace.”

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