official opening of Black Wall Street Economic War house now November 2

If you haven’t heard about UPAP before, count yourself lucky to be reading this article today because you are about to gain a rich knowledge and hold of the greatest weapon against poverty in Africa.

The Universal Poverty Alleviation Programme [UPAP] under the Black Wall Street platform [BWS] has a Nigerian beneficiary with a million dollars account balance Now and has been successfully positioned to make thousands of Africans billionaires and I hope you grab on this great opportunity to beat poverty.

UPAP is a risk-free investment under Black Wall Street as it involves investment through product purchase. The profit of this investment comes back to Africans, and it is treated as the investment because for every product bought on BWS platform [Redirect Mall), the person who purchased the product gains points and then invests those points.

The UPAP Stock which covers 28 basic Human Need Apps floated on BWS gives the holders of the stock lifetime monthly returns of $100 for being the very first people to participate in the investment by product purchase program of BWS.

The Black Wall Street led by Charles N Lambert are a group of people who are dedicated to liberating Africa from poverty, they are the engine of capital generation for the industrialization of the African continent and leverages on capital flight to generate capital for funding of job, creating commercial undertaking for Africa which they’ve tagged ”The Economic War”.

Lambert says that the Black Wall Street is an Economic Revolution in pursuit of Africa’s economic independence as it provides the very first ideological transfer from African Americans to Africans.

Focused on fighting for Africa’s Economic Independence, Economic Emancipation and as its first kind, Lambert refers to it as Africa’s first economic revolution. He explains revolution as an attempt to try and change the status quo.

Lambert further states that if Africa can change its political status quo, gain political independence, it can also gain Economic independence, save the continent from being economically extremely poor and stop being dependent on foreign nations.

A recipe has been tested and proven to be effective enough to help in the Economic War. This recipe is used to trap wealth inside of the community, you monitor the money, make sure it doesn’t leave the region to avoid capital flight.

The recipe was extracted from the backdrop of Economic Success of a group of people called “The Black Wall Street” who were racially and physically destroyed in the 1921 Tulsa race massacre in America.

Dubbed “Black Wall Street” due to its affluent black residents, the Greenwood neighborhood of Oklahoma, where the Race Massacre took place, was a hub of Black success featuring Black-owned homes and establishments, including banks, restaurants, and hotels, in a community that included accomplished lawyers, doctors, and dentists. It was one of a few predominantly Black areas that thrived economically after the end of the Civil War and into the 20th century, when racial discrimination was the order of the day.

According to Lambert, this group of Africans who referred to themselves as the Black Wall Street became so prosperous and financially buoyant more than the whites who became upset with the success of the Africans.

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The success of this black community, however, caused some white people in Tulsa to become envious and angry, according to Mechelle Brown, director of programs at the Greenwood Cultural Center.

Their desires, goals, objectives, passion, commitment, dedication, zeal, the height of their dreams would have been to implement the principles of the Black Wall Street for the entire Africa.

However, in applying the recipe to win the Economic war, to make sure excess money does not leave Africa, the Black Wall Street led by Lambert designed a platform called the “redirect mall” to sell African products to save the continent from losing over $203 billion on capital flights annually.

The Redirect Mall is an online Mall dedicated to fighting the Economic War. It is a place where Africans can buy African products in bulk as this will help retain the movement of money within Africa.

The Redirect Mall is to make sure Africans have easy access to goods produced by manufacturing companies in the continent. With the redirect mall, Africans can trap the resources and invest in African corporations to create more jobs for the people, thereby bringing industrialization to our doorsteps.

UPAP has provided access to lifetime investments, the goal is to develop an indigenous model of poverty alleviation through providing investment opportunities, financial services to Africans.

This poverty alleviation can only be achieved through thousands of families receiving and withdrawing dividends via verifiable pro-development companies paying them for risk-free investments through product purchase.

This will encourage all of Africa and diaspora 1.4 billion people to participate in the risk-free investment mechanism of the Black Wall Street and we can use the over $100 billion dollars saved from capital flight to horn Africa towards competing in a $21 trillion dollars development financial market. Strangely and quite simply, we need you to own UPAP for Africa to develop.

Secure the future now by buying the UPAP stock on the Black Wall Street platform.

UPAP was created to make eternal history. Knowing about it and not owning it will haunt you forever.

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