By Bunmi Sofola

With all the innovative sex going on all over the place, a couple shouldn’t make lack of fulfilling sex the culprit in the success of their relationship.

Chris, a friend of decades, prides himself on being one of the few whose escapades make my scoop once in a while.  A highly successful lawyer, his wife of over 20 years and the mother of two lovely girls was made a judge a few years back and Chris couldn’t be happier.  I barely asked how his wife was recently when this dirty smirk sprang to his face.  “We’re on our second honeymoon,” he bragged.

I rolled my eyes.  Here we go again.  “Seriously, we are,” he assured.  “It all happened when I called at Vivian’s (his wife) new office.  You know judges are always encouraged to wear sober colours, and I couldn’t get over how different she looked when I got to her office. I had come to discuss a major case I was handling but became intrigued by all the trappings of power that surrounded Vivian.  I was actually proud of her – her suit sat well with her too.

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It stood for so much more than a job – it was proof that my wife was now bound to be upstanding and moral.  As strange as it was, I started feeling turned on by my wife’s new aura.  She knew why I was in her office and had told her secretary not to let any visitor in. 

After our quick chat, I stood up to give her a goodbye kiss and found myself pulling her to me and giving her a long, lingering passionate tongue-tingling kiss that hadn’t happened between us in the last few years.  Vivian looked stunned and protested she was in the office with a lot of people at the reception wanting to see her. 

That turned me on more.  Sex was the last thing I’d been thinking when I caught the look of desire in my wife’s eyes.  It was clear she too wanted to make love, so I kissed her some more, deftly itching her knickers to one side, unbuckling my trousers and making wild love to my wife – in her big office and on top of her desk!

“The sex lasted just a few minutes – it couldn’t last any longer as we hadn’t made love for weeks and it’s been years since we’d been so carried away by raw, urgent desire.  It felt so naughty making love to her, knowing there were respectable people sitting patiently, waiting to see her, oblivious to the lust-fuelled act we were carrying on virtually under their nose!

“The spontaneity of the sex made it very explosive and extremely invigorating.

Afterwards, I stepped into the reception and was greeted by her visitors.  It was all I could do to suppress the dirty laugh that threatened to come out.  I kissed my wife chastely on the cheek instead, proud of the lustful gleam in her eyes, I was on high all afternoon, with constant wonderful sex flashbacks making me grin as I went about my work.  Back home that night, Vivian and I were all over each other the minute the children were asleep.

“Ever since then, I’ve made it a duty to call at that impressive office of hers when she least expects and Vivian now looks forward to our occasional romps in her office.  She confessed she was often so aroused when she was working, wondering if I might dash in for a quickie at any second. 

And whenever I do pop in, we’re all over each other in seconds, in a frenzy of lust.  We always make love in her office, not in the en-suite toilet.  That way, we can hear subtle chatter of lawyers and visitors waiting outside to see the wife.  Whenever I’m not with her, it turns me on no end, thinking of my wife sitting behind the huge desk in her office, and wondering when our next ‘fix’ will be!”

It was an effort picking my jaw off the floor.  “Are you now suggesting that husbands should go to their wives’ offices and ravage them, hoping that would revive their dormant sexual desires?”  I asked him.  “You’re putting me on, aren’t you?” he asked croakily.  “To each his own, I say.  It might not be in the office. 

It could be anywhere.  I have a friend who gets a kick at making love to his wife whenever they have a full house of visitors.  His rounded eyes always followed her, and as soon as she’s in the bedroom, he quickly followed and would be all over her.  In minutes, it’s all over.  Not very many people could guess what goes on at this slight interlude, but a few of us know and I tell you, I used to be envious. 

Now I know what tonic those short and furious romps could be.  The fact that it is taboo to have sex in the office makes the wonderful sessions with my wife an opportunity for the bad randy side of me to be unleashed. 

Just think of it, isn’t it fun for you to have an affair, and with your wife?  It costs you nothing.  On the contrary, it enhances your marriage.  And, seriously, I never knew Vivian could be as lustfully adventurous as she’s turned out to be.

“The tragedy would be if I hadn’t tapped into my wife’s potentials, leaving it to another randy goat to proposition her.  And it could happen.  Now, she could laugh at men lusting after her knowing her husband is always ever ready to fulfill her wildest sexual fantasy!”

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