Subsequently, we will review some of Mahdi’s guidelines for making dogs more social.

Socializing puppies means training them to live peacefully and happily with other dogs and people. Dogs need to have a social spirit so that they can feel comfortable in new environments with no stress or depression toward new people and situations.

Puppies, like human babies, need to be trained before they are exposed to new and unfamiliar situations. The best age for puppies to learn to socialize is between 2 and 4 months.

Do not keep puppies separated from their mother for a while

Puppies should not be separated from their mother and siblings until they are 8 weeks. If puppies become accustomed to being with their mothers and siblings at an early age, they are more likely to become social at a young age and more eager to get along with other dogs. If you separate the puppies from their mother earlier, they will suffer from psychological damage and lose their social skills.

Let them interact with other dogs

Let your dog interact and play with other dogs and puppies. Take your dog to groups and dog training classes and let it have friends of its kind. Playing with other puppies has many benefits, and one of its biggest advantages is that they learn not to harm people.

Put your dog in a place to communicate with people

Take your dog to crowded areas and let it socialize and play with children and adults. Keeping your dog in touch with people avoid it from behaving violently and aggressively. Go to the park with your dog and walk with other people, especially children, and welcome their enthusiasm for your dog. If possible, you can even take your dog to your party or workplace in a special box or carrier and introduce it to your friends.

Train your puppy to become a complete dog

Puppy training should be your most important concern. If you do not train dogs properly from the time they are puppies, they will become aggressive when growing and always behave inappropriately. Teaching puppies make them a cute, kind, and confident dog in later ages.

For best results, start training on time

It is best to train your dog weekly, within the age of 2-4 months. This will provide you with better outcomes from the training you already gave your dog. Be sure to get some help from experienced instructors during this course. And remember, this critical age is very important for training dogs, and if you miss it, you may never be able to affect your dog’s behavior.

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