The beauty of arts is in the eyes of the beholder. And like everything that is beautiful, it goes beyond the reach of ordinary eyes.

Hence, making it kind of challenging for the ordinary eyes to comprehend.

However, for those who have succeeded in surrendering themselves to the beautiful mysteries of life, art is the truth that infects the mind with wonder and amazement.

A famous saying states that art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same.

But, in a country like Nigeria where that which ought to be praised is usually relegated to the background, art itself seems to be suffering from this sin, due to lack of recognition as a way of gaining pleasure.

And if not for the endless efforts of those blessed ones among us, art would have been alien to us as a people.

Be that as it may, we’ve decided to play our role by letting you know where you can find top art galleries in Nigeria.

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Read on to see where the top art galleries are located in Nigeria.

Nike Art Gallery, Lekki

Owned by Nike Davies-Okundaye, the art gallery is situated in Lagos. It is reputed for housing about 8,000 diverse artwork from various artists across Nigeria.

So mesmerizing is the presence of the gallery that we will not succeed if we try to describe it with words. But suffice to say that the five-storey building gallery is believed to be the largest of its kind in West Africa.

Nike Art Gallery offers the opportunity for both art specialists and art enthusiast to see Nigeria through the eyes of beauty and wonder.

Omenka Gallery, Ikoyi

Unarguably one of the leading art galleries in Nigeria, Omenka gallery represents a fine selection of established and emerging contemporary artists across the country and overseas.

Located in the province of Ikoyi, the gallery can be said to be housing some of the finest collections of arts.

And just like Nike Art Gallery, Omenka also offers the opportunity for everyone to experience art in a unique way.

Red Door Gallery, Victoria Island

Driven by the belief that art is the ultimate form of expression of man’s innermost thoughts, Red Door Gallery is one of those rare galleries that provide a platform for artists to express their creativity without any societal boundaries.

They claim to promote “unpredictable art” as predictable art, they believe, is neither inspirational nor is it collectible.

The gallery serves the entire art value chain, which ranges from collector consulting/advisory to valuation, restorations, private and public commissions, and exhibitions.

And as the name implies, it is a distinct marked red door that will welcome you to this haven of creativity.

Nimbus Gallery, Ikoyi

Located in Bogobiri House, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nimbus Gallery provides a feel of old times from its architectural structure, wall finishes, lightings, furniture and almost everything that is old.

The gallery, which is unique in its own way, has the walls covered and designed with beautiful seashells that add colours to the room.

The all-white painted room, which sort of has a local and vintage feel to it, has its furniture, doors and sculptures all carved out artistically in such a way that you will be teleported to the paradise of art.

Johfrim art and Design Studio

The extension of the gallery was recently launched in Lekki, Lagos, and it boasts of over 6,000 artworks of various African and international artists and it’s seen as the third largest in Nigeria.

The Studio is a good relaxation and leisure place set within a botanic garden, with lovely artworks designs in a calming environment.

Its botanic gardens are an added plus for lovers of arts and nature.

The gallery has an international twist as it also has an extension in Scotland, the UK. It is owned by Josephine Oboh-Macleod.

Rele Gallery, Lagos Island

The amazing feeling that is experienced within the presence of Rele Gallery cannot be overemphasised. It is here that you will witness the transition of imagination into reality.

Located on the Island of Lagos, Rele Gallery is right at home amidst some of Nigeria’s longstanding art houses, including the National Museum.

Admittedly, Rele Gallery is not only an abode for artists who want to express themselves, it is also a home for those who want to experience the awe and beauty of art.

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